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Helsinki in Finland a City of Diversity

by Globetrooper Chris | 1 Responses
Visit the remarkable city of Helsinki in Finland

Helsinki is a fascinating historical European city with its very own archipelago, Helsinki is the capital city of Finland.  This modern city offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle that has something for every kind of twenty first century traveler.

The seasons provide a fresh change from the days of summer with their seemingly endless days of sunshine and warmth to the days of winter and their blankets of ice and snow. Perhaps the best way to tour Helsinki is to acquire a Helsinki card, available in durations of 24, 48, and 72 hours.

With this card, you gain free entrance into museums and other sights, have access to unlimited public transportation, as well as a few other perks.

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The Helsinki card for tourists and visitors comes with a guidebook and map of the city.  It also includes discounts for various sightseeing tours, events, and the airport bus.

The Helsinki Expert Guided City Tour

The Helsinki Expert Guided City Tour, available in both Swedish and English, begins at the Olympia Terminal.

Visit Helsinki in Finland

Enjoy the Remarkable City of Helsinki in Finland

This 1 hour and 45 minute tour takes sightseers to the most interesting parts of Helsinki including the Senate Square, Opera House, Temppeliaukio Church, and the Presidential Palace.

You can also tour Helsinki from the comfort of a double-decker bus. Perks of this tour include the following: available in 8 languages, ticket valid for a full 24 hours, unlimited getting on and off the bus during the ticket’s time of validity.

Other tours of Helsinki exist, including tours of many of the establishments that are located in the city.

What to See and Do in Helsinki

Something is always happening here, in Helsinki, including concerts, cultural events, and artistic exhibitions.  Throughout the year, this city hosts various concerts, celebrations, fun runs, recitals, contests, and more that will appeal to any visitor to the city.

A list of some of the most popular sights to see and things to do in the city of Helsinki are included below.

The Helsinki Zoo

Helsinki ZooThe Helsinki Zoo is home to an eclectic variety of animals that range from those who originate in the tropical rain forest to those that come from the arctic tundra.

It is also home to rare animals that come to the zoo from all over the globe; from the lush tropical rain forests of south America and ranging to those of the icy cold arctic tundra.

At least two hundred animal species can be found at the zoo along with almost one thousand varieties of plants.

It is open seven days a week, though the hours vary. Find out more about visiting the zoo in Helsinki.

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma

The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma is home to contemporary art, special exhibitions, and performances in dance, drama, music, film, and more. It is closed on Mondays.
Sea Life Helsinki features an amazing opportunity to step inside a giant ocean tank filled with crabs, sharks, starfish, rays, and more through a transparent tunnel.  It is open seven days a week.

Senate Square in Helsinki

Senate Square HelsinkiSenate Square is a delightful conglomeration of four buildings designed with neoclassic architecture and dating back to the early to middle 1800s.

The buildings in the square include the Government Palace, Helsinki Cathedral, the National Library of Finland, and the main building of the University of Helsinki. Find out more about what to see and do in Senate Square.

Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress

Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress, one of the worlds largest, dates back to 1748.  Open year round, no entrance fee to the park, and a multi vision show are only some of the highlights of this sea fortress.

Linnanski Amusement Park

Linnanski Amusement Park Despite all of the modern rides that range from scary and exciting to tame and pleasant, the wooden roller coaster is still a crowd pleaser.

Games, entertainment, arcade halls, and more add to the day’s fun that can be had here. If you like theme parks be sure to drop by.

Helsinki Museums

National Museum of Finland showcases a portrayal of Finnish history with numerous artifacts and collections.

The Ateneum Art Museum has Finland’s largest collection of art. Pieces include Finnish works of art from the 1750s all the way up to the 1960s.

Western art is also showcased from the time period between the 1800s and the 1950s. It is closed on Mondays.

Also visit the National Museum of Finland which showcases a portrayal of Finnish history with numerous artifacts and collections.

Churches and Cathedrals

Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral, located in the Katajanokka section of Helsinki, dates back to 1868.  It is a magnificent structure with golden cupolas, red bricks, and more.

The design of the cathedral clearly shows an influence from the Russians.
Temppeliaukio Church, is a must see on any travelers list.  An amazing church, carved from stone and bedrock, it showcases many concerts due to its amazing acoustics.

The Globetrooper View

Helsinki might date back to 1550, but it has a lot of modern conveniences to offer modern day travelers along with a taste of its historical past.

If planning a trip to Helsinki in Finland be sure to plan several days for touring this magnificent city that offers a multitude of interesting and cultural sights to see.

Why not create a bespoke trip to Helsinki in Finland and find travel partners with the Globetrooper trip wizard, creating a trip is free, fun and simple to accomplish.

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