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One Stop Acommodation Shop at HotelCalculator

by Globetrooper Lauren | 2 Responses

With so many booking engines on the internet, it’s hard to know if you’re getting the best deal. And then when you think you’ve found the best deal, a quick check of some other websites and your heart sinks. Or you come across some bad reviews, or you realise it’s not in the best area of town, or not even in town.

I have had many a dull moment searching and checking for hostel and hotel deals. That was until I came across HotelCalculator.

Useful Features

  1. The site searches and compares prices from 25+ accommodation sites including Expedia,, and
  2. You can sort by distance to certain landmark – I searched for accommodation in New York and it showed me which hotels were closest to Times Square, Grand Central Terminal or the Met.
  3. Google Maps is used for mapping – some sites try to use their own maps but I haven’t seen anything on the same level as Google.
  4. Extensive filter for narrowing your search – once you put in the basics like city, dates, # of people etc, you are given a whole lot of results. Some people like to crawl through every single one, but for those who just want a good deal quickly you can use the filter to limit price, select essential amenities or only view 4 and 5 star hotels.

Potential Improvements

  1. Some hotels are listed twice because of variations in their name across the different accommodation sites. To get around this you can filter by the main keyword of the hotel name to find all the results.
  2. There are scant reviews of the hotels. But you can easily see reviews by clicking on the accommodation site that’s listed.

All in all, it takes away a lot of wasted time that I would usually spend making sure I have the cheapest and best hotel. We travel to new cities often, so my favourite feature is sorting by how far a hotel is from the city’s main attractions or centre because I love being where all the action is. I just wish I knew about it before I booked our (very) cramped room in New York!

Posted in | February 10th, 2011

2 Responses to One Stop Acommodation Shop at HotelCalculator

  1. Having just spent many hours trolling through hotel websites myself looking for some accommodation in New York when I come over in march, I was excited to see there might be another way to do it so am about to have a look at hotel calculator – thanks for the tip! I know exactly what you mean about the searching for hotels – I was just about to book something then looked at the reviews which were mixed, then got totally confused – sometimes I think there is just too much choice – I agree that location is really important but everyone is different in what does it for them re location. karen told me not to go to Midtown or Broadway and most people say keep away from Times Square for accommodation – the hairdressers said stay in Soho or LES and others say Central Park (if you can afford it) – all depends what you want. I’ve decided to go with Central Park on the west side, luv mum

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