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Laundromats, Vegemite, and a week of Clean Panties

by Globetrooper Lauren | 16 Responses
Death by Laundromat

I don’t want to come off sounding like a spoiled brat, but I’ve always lived in houses with a laundry. You know… sink, washing machine, clothes dryer, ironing board; all that conventional wifey stuff.

This makes me a laundromat virgin.

I’ve seen these laundromat places on television, in movies, and walked past them on the street. But never physically entered because obviously I’ve never needed to.

But… you know what today is? Laundry day. You know why? Because we’ve been travelling exactly one week and I have no clean underwear left. And you don’t want to cross me when I don’t have clean panties on. And no, I’m not one to rotate or wear them inside out, so please don’t even suggest it.

Now here’s the thing, our temporary residence in downtown Montreal is sans laundry. And I’m bemused and excited all at the same time. Excited? Absolutely. Because now I get to go play at the laundromat!

I’m hopeful that something hilarious will occur as I don’t know the first thing about laundromat etiquette… Do you talk to people? Or is it like a bookshop where most people have one purpose only? Will I be considered freakishly odd if I start up a conversation with a random? We’ll soon find out.

So I’ve just found out there’s a laundromat nearby. But get this, this laundromat has free WiFi! Is that not the greatest combination of goodness sinceĀ Vegemite and cheese? Now I’m really looking forward to it, but damn, if only my best outfit wasn’t smelly…

Do you have any tragic, strange or glorious laundromat experiences to share?

Posted in Canada, | June 17th, 2010

16 Responses to Laundromats, Vegemite, and a week of Clean Panties

  1. I lived in Montreal for a summer near the Atwater station and there was an old man outside the laundromat who would scream at people when they walked by. At first it scared me and then it became familiar. One day he just wasn’t there and it was really sad.

  2. Cool post.
    Vegemite and cheese actually sounds good. And I don’t even like Vegemite.

  3. @ayngelina it’s funny how crazy things can become the norm once you realise they’re harmless!
    @Sophie You don’t like Vegemite? You’ll have to take the Aussie Nomad’s Vegemite Challenge!

  4. Let me begin by saying that Montreal is my favorite city in the world. Maybe the fact that I was conceived there has something to do with it :) I also had the pleasure of working in Montreal for about 15 years. I would travel in from Halifax a couple of times a month to do business. Loved every moment.

    I never used a laundromat until I was setting up house and was saving to buy a washing/machine dryer. I used to load the machines up and take off and run errands while the wash was happening. Nothing ever got stolen :)

    Have fun!

  5. Totally have never been to a laundromat before either, but free WiFi? Sounds like a sweeeet place to get some work done!

  6. Ha! And I thought I was the only one! I went yesterday and even had people asking ME for help :)

  7. There is no other creation in all of the world that is greater than Vegemite :)

    • Yes, well, I think you have to grow up with Vegemite to fully appreciate this motor lubricant-looking (and tasting) sandwich spread :) But then I feel the same way about peanut butter on sandwiches, which must be the American variant. Horrid stuff. Here in Norway, there’ s a brown, sweet goat cheese. And fish paste and liver paste. Locals love it, everyone else hates it.

      • Ooo I love goats cheese. Must try it when we get to Norway. I’m a sucker for all things spreadable on hot toast. Fish and liver paste though… not sure, but I’d give it a go!

  8. As a true Aussie girl who LOVES Vegemite (and missing it muchly on my travels!) I have never been into vegemite and cheese. Can’t do it! Although fresh toast with butter and Vegemite does hit the spot!
    Funny and great article by the way!

    • Thanks Elise! But you’ve never tried the Baker’s Delight Cheesymite? Yummo…

  9. please tell me somthing about being part of globetrooper.

    • Hi Sanjay, Globetrooper is a community of travellers wanting to find travel partners. So if that floats you boat check out the trips people have put up in the ‘Find a Trip’ button a the top, or create your own.

  10. just wondering where in halifax you were able to buy vegemite, or any other aussie food?

    I have a brother in law that we are looking to buy xmas stuff for and I think that would be awesome.

    thanks in advance

    Dave Savoie

    • Hey Dave, I’ve heard that vegemite is sold in local grocery stores in Halifax. Hope that helps :)

  11. I’ve always been curious about Vegemite, but Bizarre Foods put me off it indefinitely.

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