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Let’s Get Weird in London

by Globetrooper Chris | Add a Comment

The city of London can provide for the millions of visitors it receives in many ways. There are plenty of historical sites, delicious eateries, and fun entertainment for miles and miles, but this might just get boring after a while. It’s great to see the main things a city offers, however it’s fun to get weird every now and again. Find fantastic deals on many Gatwick Airport hotels and then head out on the town for some of London’s weirdest attractions.

I’m a fan of fans

London Tourist Attractions

London Tourist Attractions

Are you into fans? Not the kind that keep you cool by motor, the kind that your wave in front of your face when it’s hot out. Yeah, those fans…Well, if that is something you want to see, the Fan Museum is the spot. It’s more extensive than one would even imagine, there’s literally hundreds of fans on display, and some of them are the most expensive fans from all around the world. Tortoise fans and ivory fans are amongst the collection, come cool off and see the rest

Here and There
You probably found your flight by using Virgin flight tracker, but let’s try time traveling today. If you could be in the past, present, and future at the same time, would you do it? Don’t get any crazy ideas, we’re not sticking you in a time machine, all you need to do is visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. The time here is zero, Greenwich Mean Time! So get your picture standing half on the east and half on the west, then head over to the exhibits inside showing off atomic clocks, telescopes, and other objects about time.

Welcome Home
A bit of a different way to ‘time travel” would be entering the Georgian building of Spitalfields. This 18th century home is a place that gives you a homey feel as it looks like actual residence occupy the home. The candles are lit, the beds are not tidily made, and it even goes as far as meals on the table that are only half eaten.

Seeing the Inside
This next spot is certainly not for the easily scared or squeamish. Be sure to brace yourselves before entering the Hunterian Museum. Some may be shocked to see what’s on display here. If you were ever curious about what your insides look like, here’s where you can come to see it, in the flesh, literally. All sorts of body remains are preserved in glass jars and set out for those weirdos who want to see things such as digestive tracts, genitals, and other assorted body parts, human and animal.

Historical Celebs
People live in New York, LA, and London all their lives and only come across a celebrity once or twice if they’re lucky. People visit these cities in hopes of catching a glimpse of stars. So if you were given the chance to see many famous people at once, it’s pretty likely you would be giddy. This is of course with a twist, because this is a list of weird things after all, so get your celebrity spotting eyes ready at the Highgate Cemetery. People like Karl Marx, Douglas Adams, and other famous residents are here everyday for a visit.

For more information on making the most out of a trip to the city of London visit the official London city guide. Or consult our own guide if planning a broader trip to the United Kingdom.

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