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A Peak Into Machu Picchu

by Globetrooper Lauren | 11 Responses
Machu Picchu Photo

A view from the Temple with Three Windows at Machu Picchu, and it was timed perfectly might I say.

There were a group of tourists each taking turns running down the stairs for yet another paparazzi pose.

Some top advice when you visit Machu Picchu: no matter how warm it is, wear long pants. The mosquitoes arrive around midday and leave no bare legs unmarked.



Machu Picchu

A view from the Temple of Three Windows at Machu Picchu, Peru



Posted in Peru | October 10th, 2010

11 Responses to A Peak Into Machu Picchu

  1. Nice picture guys! Wish I had known that tip before. Shorts are a MUST at Machu Picchu. I still have mosquito bite marks on my legs. :(

    • Haha well it wouldn’t be Machu Picchu without the mosquitoes LOL At least you have a good conversation starter now :)

  2. I love how you framed that photo!

    And thanks for the warning about the bugs, I haven’t had a chance yet to visit Machu Picchu but it’s been near the top of my list for years. I’ll get there eventually. :)

    • Thanks Catia, I think the framing of the photo would be more professional if I fuzzed it out, but I like all the details.
      Hope you get to visit soon, the best time is from April to October (dry season). You don’t want to risk getting caught in a flood like in this year’s rainy season.

  3. really nice shot. Damn — I shot about 400 pics that day and didn’t get any window shots this good!

    • It’s funny going through all my pics now. I think everyone is the same with taking 100 shots of the same thing hoping one will turn out ok!

  4. Gorgeous! I loooooved MP. And yes, the mosquitoes are TERRIBLE there. The following day I fell and broke my ankle and had to get a cast over about 30 mosquito bites which I couldn’t scratch and I wanted to cut off my leg LOL.

    • I think that would be my MP worst nightmare! Bites you can’t scratch arghh! I would want the chop too.

  5. I remember I took this shot too! Digital cameras didn’t exist then though… :)

  6. Nice shot, very unusual angle from Machu Picchu!

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