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Postcards from a Mongolian Desert Expedition

by Globetrooper Todd | 11 Responses
Gobi 2011 Expedition Mongolia

As most of you know, Lauren from Team Globetrooper is currently undertaking one of the toughest adventure challenges of her life. She’s trekking 1,600 kms (1,000 miles) across the remote Gobi Desert in Mongolia. She’s covering over 30 kms each day, all with her trusty companion Bumblebee (the Bactrian camel).

Lauren was able to upload a few small photos with the team’s satellite connection. And WOW! What a place to be. The photo to the right is Lauren and her tent-mate, Flo.

In less the two weeks, the expedition has lost two members due to infection, injury and sickness. They still have at least six weeks to go, so one can only imagine it’s going to get (much) tougher from here.

The Gobi 2011 Expedition

Gobi Desert Landscape

Gobi Desert Landscape - This is what Lauren wakes up to every morning

Gobi Desert Wild Horses

Gobi Desert Wild Horses - Wow, what a site! And what an ominous looking sky. If it's not a blazing hot sun, freezing cold nights or brutal sand storms, it's the threat of a violent deluge.

Gobi Desert Snake

Gobi Desert Critters - Not sure what snake this is, but it's definitely not your common non-venomous tree python. Looks deadly to me. Any guesses? Rattlesnake maybe?

Gobi Desert Bactrian Camels

Gobi Desert Bactrian Camels - These are Lauren's favourites of the bunch; I'm not sure if one of them is her Bumblebee. Certainly odd looking camels; great creatures apparently.

Gobi Desert Camel

Gobi Desert Bactrian Camel - On the topic of odd looking camels, I think they bleached this one. Or maybe it's an albino. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to take a pee and coming across this. :O

Gobi 2011 Expedition

Gobi 2011 Expedition - Onward march. 200 kms down, only 1,400 kms to go. Here the team of camels and humans have Close Encounters of the Wild-Horse Kind.

Gobi Desert Ger

Gobi Desert Ger - Is that a satellite dish I see? Who said Mongolia was behind the times?

Gobi Desert Life

Gobi Desert Life - The reality of life in the Gobi Desert: a harsh environment and a tough existence. Lauren says that carcasses of various animals are strewn along their path.

Posted in Gobi 2011, Mongolia | June 3rd, 2011

11 Responses to Postcards from a Mongolian Desert Expedition

  1. only 2 weeks and people are gone, WOW! Loved the photos Lauren!

  2. yes great photos lauren! – hope you dont get too attached to the camel – cant see him coming home with you. the landscape looks just amazing – what a story you will be able to tell – hang in there Loz yu are doing fine xx

  3. The satellite dish is probably a solar collector for boiling water/cooking stews.

    These are used frequently in places where there is scarce fuel. No trees in any of the photos…

    • Actually satellite dishes are quite common in Mongolia. As for fuel, dried horse and camel dung is used for fires.

  4. You’re a trooper Lauren, keep it up! Beautiful photos and the camels are adorable, they almost remind me of the alpacas/llamas in South America :)

    Sending you healthy wishes from Bulgaria!

    – Lily

  5. Sounds like an amazing adventure and what a great set of shots.

  6. Wow, Great shots Lauren! Hope the trek is going smoothly for you. I love the camels!

  7. The camels are cute!! Way to Go Lauren!

  8. Hi Lauren,

    I thought of your trek this morning as I used the campsite showers this morning. I hope the good times are far outweighing the lack of shower hardships and you’re having an amazing time. The photos look incredible! Hang in there and keep making us jealous. I’m looking forward to the stories when you’re back. Take care and good luck.

  9. Awesome! I’ve been waiting to hear about this trip. Great photos. I can’t believe 2 people are out already after just a couple of weeks. Gulp.

  10. Lauren,

    Keep up the good trek. Laura Davenport has been very helpful with the updates and it appears you and your members are plugging away. Continue to stay motivated and god speed.

    Cheers to a safe return!

    John Zamojcin

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