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Words Can’t Explain a Life-Changing Travel Experience

by Globetrooper Lauren | 27 Responses

Legs numb, rheumatism approaching, and back indented by the inner springs of the upright seat on the $15 Sydney-Canberra bus. I mentally wave at my mum’s house as we pass by. I’m bursting to tell her about my culture-shocking trip to Mt Kilimanjaro and Egypt. She lives only 10 minutes north of the city, the city that tourists accidentally drive past because it’s so small.

‘Just ask the bus driver to drop you off’ my mum says so casually, as if Canberra isn’t the conservative, almost regimented small town that my brother and I grew up in.

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Posted in Australia,, Tanzania | September 6th, 2010

Finally, a Pocketable Prosumer Travel Camera

Samsung TL350 (WB2000) Review

I recently spoke about ditching our Panasonic Lumix LX3 for the new Samsung TL350. The simple reason is the LX3 is not pocketable. To me, a non-pocketable camera doesn’t really qualify as compact, especially for travel. While my last review of the Samsung TL350 (WB2000) … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Sleep in an Airport and Enjoy It

Sleeping in Airports

One of the byproducts of cheap flights is having to deal with awful departure, lay-over and arrival times. But that’s what travel hacking is all about: relinquishing luxury to make travel cost less and last longer. Coming from faraway places like Australia, you can easily … Continue reading →

Cheap Flights In the Most Unlikely Places

Cheap Flights

I scoured the web for four straight hours:,,, and about 30 other ‘cheap flight’ websites. It was a roller coaster. I started with a quote of $1,000, then cheered after finding one for $900, then jumped up with a dance for $800, … Continue reading →

To Gift Or Not To Gift?


This Sunday is Father’s Day in Australia – yes I know, we like to be different and have it on a different day to North America – but my Dad isn’t big on presents. He knows I’m half-way around the world, traveling on a budget. … Continue reading →

Peru, India and Mongolia – Here we come!

Mongolian Camel

‘I’m about to put the deposit down. Are you sure? Sure that we want to trek for 60+ days across the fifth largest desert in the world?’ … a few months ago there was only Canada. A few weeks after that, India. And in the last … Continue reading →

Things To Do in Montreal – Eat Like Locals

Things To Do in Montreal

The last post on Things to do in Montreal was a little lightweight, so we’ve broken it up a bit and put in more effort to serve you up a list of local eats. By asking some of our local friends here about the best … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Find Cheap Accommodation for Long Trips

Camper Van Volkswagen Westfalia

Imagine traveling for a year on a budget you thought would only last a few weeks. That’s the reality when you find cheap accommodation. It can turn your trips from weeks into months and months into years. I know what you’re thinking… youth hostels are … Continue reading →

A Hidden Gem of a Compact Travel Camera

Panasonic LX3 Travel Camera

My previous favourite compact travel camera was the Panasonic Lumix LX3/LX5. It has a fast (F2.0) and wide (24mm) lens, shoots HD video, is a joy to handle, all with very good image quality. It’s still a cult classic after more than 2 years, but … Continue reading →

Adventure is Not a Four Letter Word

Adventure Travel

‘Someone, anyone! Where’s the medic? Please…helpppppp!’ No, it wasn’t a war zone, I wasn’t being mugged, in fact, there was no conflict at all. I was simply strolling through a local fruit market, when all of a sudden, I was in desperate need of assistance. … Continue reading →

It Was Inevitable – A Night in a Canadian Jail

Jail Adventure

When I left home in Sydney, my mother gave me the obligatory ‘be safe’ speech. Of course, being the kind and loving son that I am, rather than saying, “Sure, Mom”, I said, “Every great adventure involves a night in jail.” I know I was … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Get the Government to Pay for Your Next Round-the-World Trip

Free Round the World Trip

I run into a lot of people who dream of traveling round the world in search of something more. They’d love to explore new places, meet new people, and just have a better understanding of what’s really out there. The age-old problem though, is that … Continue reading →

Economic Policy, Roller Coasters and Global Travel

Best Roller Coasters

A professor at university once said to me, “the world is a roller coaster and economic policy is designed to smooth out the bumps.” He went on to explain that, “bumps represent unpredictability”, and, “naturally, we don’t want a world of unpredictability.” It seems we spend … Continue reading →