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Adventure is Not a Four Letter Word

by Globetrooper Todd | Add a Comment
Adventure Travel

‘Someone, anyone! Where’s the medic? Please…helpppppp!’

No, it wasn’t a war zone, I wasn’t being mugged, in fact, there was no conflict at all. I was simply strolling through a local fruit market, when all of a sudden, I was in desperate need of assistance.

Some people see a white light. Some see nothing at all. Me? I dreamt of jagged snow-capped mountains and vast sunburnt deserts, anything but the melons and tomatoes all staring, even laughing, at my predicament.

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Posted in Adventure Travel, Canada | August 17th, 2010

It Was Inevitable – A Night in a Canadian Jail

Jail Adventure

When I left home in Sydney, my mother gave me the obligatory ‘be safe’ speech. Of course, being the kind and loving son that I am, rather than saying, “Sure, Mom”, I said, “Every great adventure involves a night in jail.” I know I was … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Get the Government to Pay for Your Next Round-the-World Trip

Free Round the World Trip

I run into a lot of people who dream of traveling round the world in search of something more. They’d love to explore new places, meet new people, and just have a better understanding of what’s really out there. The age-old problem though, is that … Continue reading →

Economic Policy, Roller Coasters and Global Travel

Best Roller Coasters

A professor at university once said to me, “the world is a roller coaster and economic policy is designed to smooth out the bumps.” He went on to explain that, “bumps represent unpredictability”, and, “naturally, we don’t want a world of unpredictability.” It seems we spend … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Keep Fit While Traveling

Keep Fit

At home, life is so structured. We wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, and perform the same duties throughout the day against the same schedule. But despite this discipline, most of us find it difficult to keep fit. On the road, … Continue reading →

Fine Photography From Fellow Troopers

We held two contests on our Facebook Fan page before the website officially launched in March this year. And some avid photographers entered so many beautiful images. We culled hundreds of pictures down to a shortlist of our favourites and then left it up to … Continue reading →

Travel = Awareness = Empathy = Action

40-hour Famine

I can feel the sun burning my eyelids apart. In a depressing limbo of fatigue and hunger, I roll over, strain my neck and squint at the clock. It’s 11.00am = Hour 35 of a food-lover’s nightmare; a self-imposed 40 Hour Famine. ‘How am I … Continue reading →

The Summer City of Festivals

‘Is that a human cannonball?’, a statement that would intrigue anyone, let alone a group of travel bloggers. No words needed, we flock with mutual grins and wide eyes. But the crowd is expanding like my stomach while devouring the sky-scraping cheesecake at dinner earlier. This … Continue reading →

Things To Do in Montreal – Festivals, Fun and Food

Things To Do in Montreal

Full disclosure: Montreal is currently my favourite city on Earth. It’s not too big, but not too small. Not too populated, but not too quiet either. It has enough culture to be different, but not so much as to make it inconvenient. And the icing … Continue reading →

Ah Ha! Now I See What Makes Travel Great

Great Travel

A few weeks ago, the super-awesome folk at World Nomads declared me the winner of a competition for the best ‘positive’ customer service story in travel. I wrote about Precision Airways waiting 45 minutes for us on a runway in Nairobi, because we had wound … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Create a Travel Budget You’ll Stick To

Travel Budget

I’ve heard countless stories of people traveling (often through developed countries) on very small amounts. I’ve even heard of a family travelling the globe on only $25k per year. And while it sounds great in theory, once you hit the road, you realise it’s not so … Continue reading →

Things To Do in Sydney – Chosen by Locals

Things to Do in Sydney

We could tell you to visit the Opera House, climb atop the Harbour Bridge, visit Bondi Beach… but then you’d spend most of your time with other tourists. Instead, we’ve put together a list of things to do in Sydney from a local’s perspective. These are places … Continue reading →

Want a Useful Education? Skip University.

Education Abroad

We enter this world as newborns with an insatiable curiosity. Because suddenly, snatched from the comfort of the womb, we’re dropped into this foreign world where everything is new: the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes, everything. But as we grow, and as we ‘mature’, … Continue reading →