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HOW TO: Actually Get Cheap Flights Using Airline Frequent Flyer Programs – Part 2

by Globetrooper Todd | 3 Responses
Cheap Flights

In Part 1, I talked about earning frequent flyer points and a few ways to earn them more quickly. In Part 2, I’ll discuss how to use points in the most efficient manner. This is important because there are many restrictions and many tricks to get the most value.

Your points can be worth anything from less than 1cent to more 10 cents.

So it really pays to understand how to use your points. In effect, if you get 10 times more value for each point, that’s like multiplying your earning power by 10.

Imagine what you’d do to earn 10 times more points per dollar spent.

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Posted in How-To Guides, Travel Hacking | June 25th, 2010

HOW TO: Actually Get Cheap Flights Using Airline Frequent Flyer Programs – Part 1

Cheap Flights

First thing you have to realise is this: Airlines offer frequent flyer programs because they are massively profitable. And since they’re profitable, the average consumer is losing out. But a rare few travellers do actually benefit from them. So I’m going to tell you exactly … Continue reading →

Travel Partners Wanted: Weekly Update (21 Jun ’10)

Wanted Travel Partners

The Weekly Update brings you the latest user-created trips from These aren’t packaged trips for sale, but rather fellow travellers just looking for enthusiastic travel partners. Feel free to get in touch to discuss itineraries and other details. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, consider joining … Continue reading →

In Photos: Montreal Street Scenes

Montreal Architecture

Montreal Architecture By far the most defining characteristic of Montreal architecture is the external winding staircase. I can only imagine they’d be death-traps when covered in snow in winter, but nevertheless, they ooze Quebecois charm in summer.

HOW TO: Experience a Destination in 7 Ways

Get a Haircut

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Laundromats, Vegemite, and a week of Clean Panties

Death by Laundromat

I don’t want to come off sounding like a spoiled brat, but I’ve always lived in houses with a laundry. You know… sink, washing machine, clothes dryer, ironing board; all that conventional wifey stuff. This makes me a laundromat virgin. I’ve seen these laundromat places … Continue reading →

In Photos: Crazy Hostel Warning Signs

Do Not Disturb in Hostel

You can’t blame the people who run hostels; just imagine trying to control hundreds of sexually-charged youths cramped into sardine tins. Most of them have never once washed their own clothes, and now they’re being trusted with kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, and heaven forbid, an unrestricted … Continue reading →

The Real Cost of Living In Other Countries

Big Mac Index

Your real cost of living in a new city depends on how you will live in that city, not on how an average person with an average job and 2.5 children may live. Even more importantly, the way you live in your current city is … Continue reading →

Travel Partners Wanted: Weekly Update (14 Jun ’10)

Wanted Travel Partners

The Weekly Update brings you the latest user-created trips from Feel free to get in touch with any of these groups to discuss their itinerary and other details. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, consider joining them. If you’d like your trip to be … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Equip Yourself as A Digital Nomad

Universal Power Adaptor

The digital nomad movement isn’t new, but it’s becoming more and more popular as people realise there’s no point deferring all of life’s fun until retirement. We tried to convince you of this in a previous post, 7 compelling reasons to become a digital nomad. (Hopefully … Continue reading →

Seventeen Days in Peru… With 10 Internet Strangers

10 Strangers bike ride through Peru

Guest Post by Kirsten Koza, Adventure Travel Writer and Author of ‘Lost in Moscow’. Kirsten is also looking for travel partners to join her August 2010 Trip, Mountain Bike Kyrgyzstan. Searching the Internet for travel companions has riskier potential than a blind date. I ignored … Continue reading →

Carry-On-Only: We Tried, We Succeeded… Sort Of

Carry-On Items

We’ve written a lot about the carry-on-only philosophy in which you only travel the world with carry-on baggage. The purpose isn’t just to avoid lost bagage or the wait after a flight, but to instill a discipline that leads to more enjoyable global adventures. You … Continue reading →

Globetrooper on the Road: 2010 and Beyond

JFK Airport

I’m writing this from JFK Airport in New York at 4am. We’ve just embarked on what could be an epic journey, but it’s only six nights in a hostel at this stage. We left Sydney yesterday (or was that today), spent 14 hours in the … Continue reading →