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Find Adventure Thrills in Park City Utah

by Globetrooper Chris | 2 Responses
Park City Utah

Park City, Utah offers adventure and relaxation for all the family. Park City is one of three resorts in the area –  Canyons, Park City Mountain Resort, or Deer Valley Resort.

All of the regional resorts are all situated in close proximity and offer a remarkable variety of activities and relaxation opportunities for visitors to the area.

In Park City the skies are perpetually blue, and travelers can enjoy cool mountain breezes, idyllic scenery and appreciate the exciting terrain and wildlife.

In City Park Utah, you can go fishing on the big Great Salt Lake to fish for many types of trout. This lake is well-known for the cutthroats, cut-bow hybrid trout and rainbows.

Park city appeals to visitors in both the summer and winter time. Whenever you plan your trip there is always something to do. Continue reading →

Posted in Adventure Travel, Featured, United States | January 28th, 2014

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