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Danger Up Ahead – Bring It

by Globetrooper Lauren | 4 Responses
Danger Ahead - Bring It

‘There are still cannibals out there, you know.’

That was one of the first melodramatic responses from my family when I told them I was joining a two-month desert expedition. I’ll never forgot that comment, nor forget to bring it up at each and every Christmas gathering. Though in truth, the reaction was somewhat warranted.

Risk-taking is a part of every day life, even crossing the street (especially here in India). But unlike crossing the street, at some point we have to take the risk of adventure seriously. And it’s only with my latest expedition, the Gobi 2011, that I’ve had to seriously consider the consequences of tramping into the unknown.

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Posted in Gobi 2011, Mongolia | April 11th, 2011

Do I Need Anti-Malaria Tablets?

Do I Need Malaria Tablets?

Malaria is a tricky one. You can’t be vaccinated against it, but it can be cured. Yes, almost one million people die from it every year, but those who do, don’t have access to treatment. There are many ways to try and prevent malaria, but … Continue reading →

The Beginner’s Guide to New York

Beginner's Guide to New York

What do Gossip Girl, Ghostbusters, and Goodfellas all have in common? They were all set in New York City, along with other favourites, Friends, Crocodile Dundee, Law & Order, Scent of a Woman, Seinfeld, As Good as it Gets, Sex and the City, Cruel Intentions, … Continue reading →

A Must-Have in Your RTW Backpack – Silksak

A Must-Have in Your RTW Backpack - Silksak

We’ve travelled around India non-stop for the last few weeks, spending only 2 out of 20 nights in the same bed. Not knowing the state of your next sleeping place (location and/or cleanliness) can be a little unnerving. Your travel dreams can quickly turn into a … Continue reading →

The GCIRC Touchdown – The Final Days

Great Indian Circular Railway Challenge

We travelled over 12,000 kilometers; that’s 3,000 more than the Trans-Siberian. On 15 different trains; from general class, all the way to 2AC. To 12 towns and cities; the Easternmost, Northernmost, Westernmost and Southernmost railway stations of India. With 20 undeniably crazy people; from Australia, … Continue reading →

India: Not So Easy for Digital Nomads

India: Not So Easy for Digital Nomads

Before coming to India, we were told we wouldn’t even last a fraction of the 4 months we had planned to stay. “Rubbish”, was my usual response. I knew I’d love India. I imagined loving the food, the colours, the festivals, the people, the fast … Continue reading →

Notes from Darjeeling

Notes from Darjeeling

Wow! Darjeeling is absolutely nothing like what I expected. The 3-hour taxi ride from New Jalpaiguri station is a nail-biting white-knuckle ride along a series of switchback to 2,050m above sea level. And although Darjeeling’s hotels have aristocratic English names, like the Windamere, this high-altitude … Continue reading →

Busting It, Not Bursting It, Around India

Busting It, Not Bursting It, Around India

In my chilled hands is a searingly hot, seriously tiny cup of chai. How I wish I’d invested in a thermos that could satisfy my tea needs beyond two mouthfuls. Instead, buying a cup for each hand, I’m immobilised to do anything, except sip. It’s … Continue reading →

Close Shaves & Photos From an Indian Rail Journey

Indian Rail Journey

After travelling through 6 continents, on a range of budgets, in a range of styles, there’s nothing more thrilling, culturally immersive, and enjoyable, than a shave at a local barber. I had a shave in Ledo today, the Easternmost railway stop in India. A couple … Continue reading →

HOW TO: Choose the Best Berth on an Indian Train

Best Berth on an Indian Train

Remember I said, ‘the longer the train trip the better’? Well, we really tested that theory by completing a 39 hour train trip from New Delhi to Dibrigah. We caught this train to reach the Easternmost railway station in India, called Ledo, where we planned … Continue reading →

The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge – Day 6 & 7

Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

After the near death of the GCIRC, we rested up in our new train berths onwards to New Delhi. Arriving in the early morning, Delhi was everything I expected India to be and more. There’s rubbish, poverty, and chaos everywhere, but once you look past … Continue reading →

The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge – Day 5

Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

PSSSHHHHHHH!!!! Air screams from the train’s undercarriage as ‘someone’ (names redacted to protect the not-so-innocent) pulls the emergency brake lever. People all over the platform run to the source of the sound; they shout foreign words like gunfire while the conductor chases after them with … Continue reading →

The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge – Day 4

Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

Bzzzzzz! Up I was at 4am. Okay, there was no alarm, but my internal body clock buzzed after I fell asleep at 7pm the night before. These trains really don’t help with jetlag, but the plus side is that I woke up nice and early … Continue reading →