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The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge – Day 4

by Globetrooper Todd | 5 Responses
Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

Bzzzzzz! Up I was at 4am. Okay, there was no alarm, but my internal body clock buzzed after I fell asleep at 7pm the night before. These trains really don’t help with jetlag, but the plus side is that I woke up nice and early to chat with the early-rising locals and train conductors.

As they puffed on cigarettes, the locomotive puffed on fuel, and I puffed on a chilled mixture of diesel and nicotine. Doesn’t sound too pleasant, but this is India, and while my fellow train-mates snoozed away, I was getting my own unique taste of this wild, wild country.

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Posted in GCIRC 2011, India | February 23rd, 2011

The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge – Day 3

Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

Ahhhh… Sitting back, taking in the scenery, chatting with my fellow trainophiles, getting some much needed sleep, eating some great Indian food, and hanging out the train door at 50 miles per hour… life is good. It’s the little things that tend to provide the … Continue reading →

Safety, Smells and Stares of India

Safety, Smells and Stares of India

Everyone warns you to be cautious. To always have an eye on your things. To be aware of your surroundings. And to be especially wary of men (if you’re a woman). But really, after a few days in Mumbai, I feel it’s not so different … Continue reading →

The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge – Day 2

Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

I knew the Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge would be adventurous since it covers such a vast distance in such a short period of time. But I also expected us to waste away on a multitude of 10 hour+ and 20 hour+ train trips. You … Continue reading →

The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge – Day 1

Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge

The raucous story-telling and laughter mysteriously descended into an awkward silence. We all looked away between scattered beer bottles, smirking with slight embarrassment, the way people do when they’re stuck for conversation. This time was different though; it wasn’t a lack of words or inability … Continue reading →

Cooking Up Something Special at Globetrooper HQ

New Project at Globetrooper

You may be wondering why we’ve slowed down a little at Globetrooper HQ with regard to blog posts and social media. The cold weather in North America could easily have pushed us into hibernation, but alas, we’ve actually been working tirelessly on a new project.

HOW TO: Sign Up for Mobile Internet Access in India

Sign Up for Mobile Internet Access in India

I spent half of yesterday signing up for mobile (GSM) Internet access in Mumbai. If you know the process, it’s pretty quick and easy, but it can take a long time if you’re not prepared. It also helps to remember that technology moves very quickly … Continue reading →

One Stop Acommodation Shop at HotelCalculator


With so many booking engines on the internet, it’s hard to know if you’re getting the best deal. And then when you think you’ve found the best deal, a quick check of some other websites and your heart sinks. Or you come across some bad … Continue reading →

The All-Seasons Carry-On Packing List

Pack a Carry-On Bag For All-Seasons

With horizontal snow racing past outside, I’m mentally waving goodbye to Toronto for who knows how long. There’s an unusual amount of leg room so I’m reminding my knees to savor these lush moments of space on the Maple Leaf train heading to New York City. … Continue reading →

Dear Mongolia

Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Dear Mongolia, I’m scared. Terrified. Apprehensive. But also excited. Pumped. And Intrigued. I’ve been back-tracking this last month, thinking about why I signed up to this outrageous journey in the first place. Who in their right-mind wants to continuously walk for not only one but … Continue reading →

Top 5 Most/Least Useful Travel Items

Top Travel Items Gear Gadgets

I guess I’m what you’d call an anti-hoarder. I love to get rid of things. Whether I donate them to charity, sell them on eBay, gift them to friends, or send them straight to the bin, I just can’t stand having useless things around me. … Continue reading →

Smart Phones for Travel: HTC Desire HD vs iPhone 4

HTC Desire HD vs iPhone 4

For the past seven months, we’ve travelled without a mobile phone. And we generally haven’t needed one, especially with access to Skype. Our families and friends all use Skype, and even when they’re not online, it only costs us 2 cents per minute to call … Continue reading →

A Globetrooper’s Guide to Great Argentine Steak

Argentine Steak Asado

Most seasoned travelers agree that Argentina is the beef capital of the world. The statistics seem to agree too; the average Argentine eats 70kg+ of beef per year, which is 30kg more than beef-loving Australia. Despite knowing all of this before arriving, I was still … Continue reading →