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Peru, India and Mongolia – Here we come!

by Globetrooper Lauren | 8 Responses
Mongolian Camel

‘I’m about to put the deposit down. Are you sure? Sure that we want to trek for 60+ days across the fifth largest desert in the world?’

… a few months ago there was only Canada. A few weeks after that, India. And in the last few days, we’ve confirmed Peru and Mongolia. We started our latest nomadic trip with only one-way tickets from Sydney to Montreal. And now, the year ahead looks more action-packed and adventure-filled than we ever could have imagined.

‘Hell yeah! Ready? 3, 2, 1 and…’, together we click the confirm button on the international money transfer. Now, we’re the newest additions to the expedition team of Gobi 2011, a 1,600km trek across the world’s fifth largest desert and one of the most isolated places on Earth.

Gobi 2011, Mongolia

We’ll be trekking 30-40kms every day across sand dunes and grassy steppes, encountering nomadic families, wild desert animals, and at times, nothing but unadulterated wilderness. On the flip side, we’ll endure sandstorms, heat stroke and extreme temperature fluctuations, but we’ll also be raising awareness and funding for Mongolian children whose families can’t afford schooling that we otherwise take for granted.


So, are you one of the crazy ones? Do you like the sound of it? Well, there are actually a few places left on the team… visit the trip and leave a comment if you’re even just a little curious. If the trek itself is a little out of your comfort zone, you can still join the cause by giving coffee a break for 1 week. For your usual weekly spend of $25, £16, DKK.150 or €20, you can provide one Mongolian child with an entire year of education.

We’ll be blogging throughout the entire journey, right here, so stay tuned for all the gory details about blisters, upset stomachs and sunburn. The expedition departs in May 2011.

Lares Trek, Peru

So what’s happening right now? Well, for some much needed preparation, we’re going to Peru with Intrepid Travel next month! We’ll be taking a wicked alternative to the Inca Trail to get to Machu Picchu – the less populated, higher altitude, apparently more authentic, Lares Trail.

Lares Trek

The Lares Valley is quite isolated, meaning most of it has remained unchanged over the last 500 years. Over the 4-day trek, we’ll explore original Inca trails, trek to high altitudes (up to 4,458 metres) and take a dip in thermal springs. Then finally, we’ll discover the mystic city of Machu Picchu, but more on this soon!

GCIRC, India

What’s happening for the months in between Peru and Mongolia? The Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge in February, of course. Places are still up for grabs on this 2-week mad train challenge around India, so announce your interest on the trip page if you’re tempted. There will be at least 20 of us, probably 30, but perhaps north of 50!

Let us know in the comments about your plans for the next year – maybe we can organise something to do together?

Posted in Adventure Travel, Gobi 2011, India, Mongolia, Peru | August 30th, 2010

8 Responses to Peru, India and Mongolia – Here we come!

  1. Hmm I should be in India in February, but I’m such a wimp :)
    Maybe meet up for celebratory drinks when you’re done?

    • It would be great to meet up for a celebratory drink! Whereabouts in India are you going? We should arrive back in Mumbai on March 5th, will you still be there then?

  2. Interesting piece, thank you.

  3. I think I will have a look at the Great Circular Indian Railway Challenge. I might still be in India around that time.

  4. Wow sounds like you have a fantastic year ahead of you. I’ll look forward to reading about your adventures in the desert :)

  5. i would love to join ur trip at all the countries. but i am in india and i need to know more details.

  6. Hello folks, I live in New Delhi and will be happy to help with information or even a place to crash if you can’t find any accommodation…..

  7. thanks for that type of knowledge.

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