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Round-the-World is the New Black

by Globetrooper Todd | Add a Comment
RTW Travel

Globetrooper is evolving. What was once “a place for people to build trips and travel together” is now also “a place for people to publish their travel plans and coordinate to meet up”.

We think this is a great idea. Instead of spending an entire trip with the same person or people, these Globetroopers are spending just a few days at a time with a range of different people. They spend lots of time by themselves too. But they’re getting the best of both worlds. A lot of solo travel, plus a lot of group travel.

This natural evolution of Globetrooper has driven us back to the drawing board. We’re coming up with new ways to accommodate these round-the-world’ers. In the interim though, check out these upcoming round-the-world trips from a new breed of Globetroopers. And you can also check out our new tab at the top to sift through all the round-the-world (RTW) trips.

Around the world in 80 days

by Aneta from the Czech Republic

Hello, I am 25 years old, I just finished my master studies of tourism and would like to discover the world..! ;-) I am easy going, looking for fun and adventure. I would like to visit USA, Australia and Asia… more

Around the world I go, Where I stop no one knows!

by teo823 from the USA

I’m starting of in Europe in Fall 2011, then off Turkey, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and Australia. I dont know exactly where I am going to go as this is going to be more of a lifestyle change so I may be back and forth… more

Around the world with the tightest budget starting from Asia

by SK from Malaysia

I’ve put in roughly a trail on the journey I would to backpack on, and it’s going to be a bit on the rough side. I’m open for discussion, and since the trip is still one year away, we can get in touch right away… more

Round the World Trip = Fun

by Marcia stacey from the UK

Hi my names Marcia Stacey I’m 25 and I’m looking to travel around the world. I’d like to start off inAsia/Thailand for a few months then on to Australia,new Zealand and south America. I’m currently working and saving… more

RTW in 12+ Months

by Damian from the USA

I’m 35, live in California and have been working too much for too long to build a career, a name for myself and to secure my future, only to realize that I had forgotten to live my life today. I’m ready for the experience of a lifetime… more

Around the world adventure 2012

by Alex Emily May from Bahrain

Basically in the middle of January 2012, I want to take the big step of travelling around the world. I’ll be a newly, excited eighteen year old ready to take off. I’m ready for the adventure, but not so much on my own… more

Round the world adventure!

by Ellie from the UK

I’m 29 and keen to go on an around the world trip next year. I have previously travelled some of Central and South America and now want to complete seeing the rest of South America- starting with Bolivia then heading South… more

Round The World Trip with Friends

by Guilherme from Brazil

I’m a man, brazilian and have 29. I already buyed the RTW ticket. I know that is difficult to have a partner at this moment, but i hope to meet new friends in some place… more

(somewhat) Around the World!

by annieehyett from the USA

Volunteering my way through as many countries as possible for a year or so! The plan is to do this trip as cheap as possible, so i can keep on traveling. Hopefully we will be able to find work when our funds get a bit low… more

RTW, or part: North America in the fall onwards…

by PMaz11 from the UK

Starting from the UK. North America in the Fall: New York City to Toronto via some means, ideally through French Canada, or perhaps directly to Canada if time is short. South as the fall comes to an end. This is where itinerary… more

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