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Stop Press! Globetrooper Team to Separate

by Globetrooper Lauren | 24 Responses
Globetrooper Going Solo

As a couple going on 8 years now, Todd and I have spent a lot of time together. We’ve lived together, travelled together, and even built Globetrooper together.

So it should come as no surprise that today, when we sat down to share a delicious Fairmount bagel, we decided it was time to go our own separate ways.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about solo travel, and in particular female solo travel. Even though the concept of Globetrooper is about group travel, Todd and I have decided to travel on our own for a week to see what all the fuss is about.

Now this solo business doesn’t mean not travelling with anyone else. I’m keen to share parts of the route. I actually want to take this opportunity to meet up with as many people as I can to make new friends and share my adventures. But it will undoubtedly include some alone time for me to think about life and understand myself in a deep, psychedelic way. I hope to come out of it learning even a few of the things that Norbert talks about in 10 Things You Learn About Yourself When Traveling Solo.

A recent post by Janice over at Solo Traveler recommends Great Destinations for women travelling alone, especially first-timers. Janice advises first-time travellers to go to places where English is widely spoken (or to a place where your native language is not a barrier). I’m torn between this conservative, traditional thinking of ‘easing into it’ and the more impulsive, modern attitude of just ‘jumping in head first’.

If I’m going to spend precious time and money going somewhere, I want to get the most out of it. I want the whole shebang: the culture shock, mind-blowing adventures and exploring the unknown (unknown to me at least). I want to be surprised, even if I research extensively about it beforehand.

Solo Female Travel

So, my questions now are:

  • Where should I go?
  • What could I do?
  • Who can I meet? and
  • How should I get there?

I’ll be starting from our base here in Montreal, Canada. I don’t want to spend the whole time getting DVT on a bus, but it has to be on the cheap end of the scale and last around a week, or thereabouts.

I’m from Sydney, Australia and haven’t explored any of the cities in the North-East yet, so I’m willing to go basically anywhere. I do like a museum or two and checking out a city’s highlights, but I’d prefer some more strange or adventurous activities.

Any tips? Any suggestions? Anything! Comment below or on my Globetrooper Trip page, email me or tweet me, whatever takes your fancy.

Posted in Adventure Travel, | June 26th, 2010

24 Responses to Stop Press! Globetrooper Team to Separate

  1. First… Mmmm, Fairmont bagels. The best in the world in my book.

    Second… you are most certainly not a novice traveler. Going solo is not a big deal for those who are experienced travelers so I certainly wouldn’t suggest limiting your choice based on language. That was a suggestion for those new to travel.

    Third… go. You will learn so much about yourself. You will meet lots of people and discover things in different ways. You will come back to your partner with a new vigor.

    Have a great trip!

    • Thanks Janice. Yes we’ve been scoffing Fairmount bagels like they’re going out of fashion!
      Agreed about those new to any sort of travel, to consider the amount of English spoken in their destination.
      Is your home in Toronto? Any suggestions on something to do there? Todd and I are actually going next weekend, but I know you’re away on your road trip.

  2. Hey Lauren… great post!

    Going solo will present a different perspective on the way you travel, even if you do the same things you usually do when traveling with Todd. Just like Janice said, you are such an experienced traveler, that traveling on your own will be like an “add on” to your travel experience, but a great “add on” no the less. In my opinion every traveler should travel on their own at least once in their life; it is such a gratifying personal learning experience.

    You’ll see that on your way you’ll find lots of travelers going through that same journey. So, at some points you will be traveling solo, but not alone.

    Sorry I have no tips for you since I haven’t explored those areas, but I’m sure you’ll do fine.

    Also, thank you so much for the mention!

    Have a great trip and let us know how did it go!

    • I wouldn’t call myself an ‘experienced’ traveller, but certainly not a novice either, a nice in-between.
      It will definitely be a different experience, being dependent only on myself, not having excuses, and the ability to go watch a girly movie by myself if I feel the need :) or the chocolate boost hehe…
      Looking fwd to meeting some new people, thanks for the comment

  3. The first time I travelled I went on my own to south east Asia. I dived in head first, while I learnt a lot and saw some cool stuff I had a really tough time, to be honest. (5 weeks alone for a mega extrovert prob not very smart!) I’ve decided that alone travel is not for me, but we’re all different. I def want to read about where you go and what you do.

    What about heading north and seeing the aurora borealis?? Hell, you’re in the northern hemisphere!!

    xx Alys

    • Hi Alys!
      At least now you know and you had the courage to not only do a trip by yourself, but also reflect on it afterwards as a positive and a negative.
      Thanks for the Northern Lights suggestion, but I think it would take too long to get where you need to see them. Plus it’s probably more on the *romantic* side and would be nice to see with Todd next to me :)

  4. San Francisco is the best!

    Once people experience San Francisco, you’ll never feel like you need to travel permanently, when you can live and work in paradise!

    • Ha and your latest blog post confirms your thoughts!
      But… San Fran is also 48+ hours away = bum + pins & needles = angry face Lauren
      I wonder how much the cheapest flight would be, I’ll do some research.

  5. haaaa go Lauren! I’ve travelled parts of Europe solo and now doing 2 weeks in Japan. Its fun and lets you discover parts of yourself you never knew existed :P

  6. this sounds like a interesting idea, maybe Sofia and I might try this sometime! we have traveled together for 2 years now, so it prob. would feel kinda weird to go out alone. But I’m sure we would also learn so much about ourselves and see the travel world from a different angle – sure you will have an awesome time – oh by the way… you sent us an email a few weeks ago, and i was about to reply but some how i deleted it – any chance you can send it again :) loving this site!!!

    • Thanks Nathan, you guys should definitely try it! I think it will be good meeting new people because I won’t be able to rely on Todd to listen to me chatter box. I’ll just have to strike up conversations with everyone – watch out Canada & the US! Ha.
      About the email – I’m totally stumped, I can’t find it anywhere and forgot what it was about!

  7. Your from Sydney, Nova Scotia or Sydney, Australia? I was going to suggest that you head to Nova Scotia, but if your from Sydney, NS that probably isn’t where you want to go:)

    How about the Gaspe Peninsula? I’ve never been, but have seen some awesome pictures.

    There’s also the Eastern Townships, which I spent a weekend in once and would love to go back when it’s not work related.

    Have fun deciding where you’ll go, and I’ll be back to read about your adventures.

    • Sorry Nancie, from Sydney, Australia. I was thinking Nova Scotia would make for a good journey actually. I’ll put it on the list

  8. PS………….I always travel solo (or almost always). I never worry about the language, but I do make sure that anywhere I go is safe for women.

  9. Hey Lauren, I think it’s great that you are doing the solo route, but a week is not very long at all… a month would really let you get past the weird into period and give it time to sink in more. Any chance for a longer gap?

    • True but we’ll be paying double for rent as we’ve got an apartment in Montreal for a few months, so just wanting to make this a smaller trip. Maybe we can make it a regular thing for the road ahead and make our solo jaunts longer.

  10. Montreal is such a great start. How about Quebec City, too? I hear it’s chock full of gorgeous architecture. I admit to being a reluctant flier into the States with the zero tolerance regulations, but this isn’t my trip. One place worth considering is Chicago. I was there in Dec 2008 and found it intriguing. As for Canada, the East Coast really has some gems – history, friendly folks and ahhmazing lobster. Check out PEI, Halifax, Newfoundland or Cape Breton. Those are my 2 cents. :)

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely want to get to Quebec City but that might be just an overnight trip with Todd. PEI, Halifax etc. are all on the cards if I decide to go East. Hmm… ok time to do some research!

  11. All great advice for locations above. Mine is to travel for longer than a week solo. For me, I don’t start feeling truly comfortable being solo until after one week, it’s easy sailing from there; I’m on month 4 and I wouldn’t trade it for a travel partner.

    • Thanks for the advice Ayngelina! A couple of people have told me the same thing. I think I’ll try out a week first then start a planning a longer one for later in the year. Btw – my brain only has room for 1 language! Consider yourself lucky!

  12. Very good idea! The only time I have traveled solo outside of the US was going to Paris. I was traveling with people on the earlier leg of my trip, but went to Paris alone to meet up with a friend there for a few nights. He had to cancel at the last minute, so I was there by myself for four nights or so. I know no French and arrived on a Sunday when everything was closed. I was terribly lost for at least an hour with a heavy backpack, and nobody could/would help me — not even taxi drivers, because I was too close to where my hotel actually was (I just couldn’t find it!). Once I spent a day or two getting over the shock, I started exploring and realized I really enjoyed getting to do whatever I wanted to do. I could skip things I didn’t want to see, could stay somewhere as long or as little as I liked, etc. Despite getting off to a bad start, it was very empowering. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!

    • Hey I did a couple of days solo in Paris too! It was quite an odd experience though, in the city of love… alone. But after a while you get used to it and yeah, you get to do whatever you want to do!

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