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Find Travel Partners on

by Globetrooper Lauren | 1 Responses

This is our launch press release that explains the motivation behind Globetrooper

Sydney, AustraliaApril 20, 2010 – Globetrooper is excited to announce the official launch of, a website for travellers to create their own trips, join others’ trips and travel the globe together.

Co-founders, Todd Sullivan and Lauren McLeod, stumbled upon the concept when they searched for people to join a trek up Mt Kilimanjaro. After posting ads on numerous websites and forums, they realised how difficult it was to meet people with similar travel aspirations. Upon returning from Mt Kilimanjaro, they made it a life-mission to help others find travel partners and make the most of their global experiences.

Lauren McLeod explains, “We wholeheartedly believe that global travel can enrich anyone’s life. But it takes a like-minded group to make the most of a global travel experience. provides a place for people to collaborate, travel together, and extract real life lessons from their trips abroad.”

Each trip on has its own homepage, which contains travel dates, estimated costs, highlights and a trip description. The homepage also includes a discussion board where people can ask questions, share ideas, and help build-out trip itineraries. Once the group agrees on an itinerary, they can leave behind their computers for an adventure of a lifetime.
Globetrooper encourages all travellers to publish their trips on because it’s completely free. While solo travellers will immediately understand the benefits of the Globetrooper platform, family groups and friends are also encouraged to share their trips because they too can benefit from trip collaboration.

The Globetrooper website also contains an in-depth experiential guidebook, the Globe Guide. It is an operator-independent collection of information on regions of the world and unique global adventures. Users can browse the Globe Guide for inspiration for their upcoming global adventure trips.

About Globetrooper
Globetrooper is an initiative to bring people together to travel together. The website supports this initiative by allowing people to create trips, join trips, improve trips, and most importantly, travel the globe together.


Press Contact
Todd Sullivan
Sydney, Australia
+61 406 000 106

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One Response to Find Travel Partners on

  1. Hi!
    This july I will travell around Europe. I will begin my trip from Roma, and after that whatever. I’m looking for trip partners… come on!

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