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Travel Partners Wanted: Weekly Update (21 Jun ’10)

by Globetrooper Lauren | Add a Comment
Wanted Travel Partners

The Weekly Update brings you the latest user-created trips from These aren’t packaged trips for sale, but rather fellow travellers just looking for enthusiastic travel partners.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss itineraries and other details. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, consider joining them.

If you’d like your trip to be featured next week, just get in touch with us.

1. Volunteer Fiji

This two week trip in November includes the best of both worlds. In the first week, you will come away feeling exhausted but so enriched by giving back to a community in need. The volunteering part will include teaching children literature and maths, restoring the village school, among other things. However it’s not all work and no play, every afternoon there are activities, sports and walks with the locals to get immersed in the Fijian culture and traditions.

The second week can be all pure relaxation if you want it (or need it). Island hopping, scuba diving, and eating traditional cuisines to your heart’s content! Tomo already has a few friends lined up, but is welcoming anyone to join them.

2. On the road to Mandalay (Myanmar)

Dali is a mature-aged Aussie solo traveller wanting to share his next overseas experience in South East Asia with a travel buddy or two. This is a 28-day trip to what is considered Burma’s cultural and religious center of Buddhism. Somewhat flexible with dates, Dali is planning to go at the end of the year. He’s wanting to immerse in the culture, with perhaps some bicycle touring, and looking to head to India afterwards.

3. Balkans Trip

In her own words, Lauren will be ‘backpacking and roughing it’ through the Southeastern Balkan countries of Europe. This girl needs some trip partners quick-smart, as she’s wanting to go in July and/or August. She’s looking to travel by rail and bus, and is interested in the architecture and history as well as just having an adventure.

Happy travels.

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