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Travelling Solo

by Globetrooper Lauren | 1 Responses

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I have the feeling that travelling alone has become much more of a trend recently. And I am not talking about a week long all inclusive trip to a luxury resort on some tropical island. I’m referring to backpacking the world alone for months at a time which can be quite the challenge, especially when you are heading to countries of other cultures.

But that’s exactly the point: It can be a very liberating experience where one gets to know him or herself better facing challenges that might not even occur in a group situation. Especially for women travelling alone is a way of announcing one’s independence and taking charge of one’s life.

Let’s take the story of Eat Pray Love as an example. After a painful divorce a woman sets out on a RTW trip to find herself. Her first stop: Rome apartments where she rediscovers the joy of eating and what better place could there be to indulge in this pleasure?!

rome pizza

Fresh pizza in Rome - image by Benjamin Vander Steen

It seems that one has to come to somewhat of a breaking point a nervous breakdown if you will to make a necessary change or a decision like going on a trip around the world. This could be unhappiness at work, the end of a relationship or any other event that has strong impact on you. A change of scenery and routine is necessary to put things in perspective again.

I think you have to reach this point of complete dissatisfaction before having the guts to make such a life-changing decision of taking a trip like that as a way of proving to yourself that you are capable of doing something meaningful on your own. By being taken out of your comfort zone and being in situations where you have to adapt to new things you will learn a lot about yourself. Also the new experiences and the people you meet on the way will have their role in shaping a new version of you.


Trendy solo traveller - image by Jason Priem

I refuse to hit rock bottom before I decide to enjoy life a little more. Maybe I won’t go for a whole trip around the world yet, but I will look for apartments in Rome following into the footsteps of Liz Gilbert, because Italian food is definitely one of the joys in life.

This is a guest post written by Maike from Only-apartments. She has Master’s degree in sport psychology and accidentally (on purpose) stumbled into writing. She is the daughter of a German father and a Filipino mother, she grew up in Germany, lived in the US, Denmark and currently resides in Barcelona.

Posted in Italy, Services | October 20th, 2011

One Response to Travelling Solo

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