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Useful Smartphone Apps to Explore Berlin

by Globetrooper Chris | 1 Responses

Everyone is getting one and if you have one it is one true reliable companion. I am talking about the smart phone.

With the growing number of smart phone users more phone applications hit the market to make our life a bit easier.

Especially in places we are not familiar with applications are very helpful. Traveling has become a whole lot easier with certain phone applications.

If you plan on staying in Berlin apartments here are a couple of useful phone applications to help you move around the city:

Experience a City Break to Berlin in Western Europe

Experience a City Break to Berlin in Western Europe

Fahrinfo Berlin

This iPhone app will provide you with time tables for the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus and street cars in Berlin.

It suggests the best connections from the station you want to leave from to the station you wish to go to. You can download the basic version for free.

Belin Street Art

Berlin is Home to Some Fantastic Examples of Street Art

Urban Art Guide

As Berlin is the mecca for street art, this iPhone app is very recommendable. It localizes street art throughout the city and you can get information on the pieces and the artists.

Also users can select tours, rate and comment on pictures and send their own suggestions/discoveries. Downloading this app is free.

Museumsführer Berlin

If you prefer more traditional art work and would like to do a tour of one or more of the museums and don’t know where to start get this application which will give you short descriptions of all the museums in the city, their masterpieces and current exhibitions.

It also provides information on bars, restaurants and cafés close by. The cost to download this app: 2.39€


This free application will keep you updated on what is going on in Berlin. On a map it will show you where to find cool restaurants, bars and clubs, but also concerts, movies or things to do with your children.


This application is not only useful for when you are staying in apartments in Berlin this free application will provide users with all different sorts of information about his or her surroundings.

The nearest banks, restaurants, ATMs, hospital, gas stations, supermarket, etc. from wherever you are at any time you might need it.

Do you rely much on smart phones when you are traveling? What is your experience? Do you have any other app recommendations for Berlin in particular?

Posted in Germany, Services | December 6th, 2011

One Response to Useful Smartphone Apps to Explore Berlin

  1. This excellent blog, “Useful Smartphone Apps to Explore Berlin” displays the
    fact that you know precisely what u are writing about!
    I personally definitely agree with your blog. Thank you -Nell

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