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Visit Florence in January

by Globetrooper Chris | Add a Comment

The term “tourist” has somewhat of a bitter, negative taste to it. Nobody really wants to be called a tourist when going somewhere and we all have this image in our head of a poorly dressed person, with a camera around their neck, fanny pack, sunburned wearing flip flops with socks.

When we are traveling we all want to go where the locals are. It is important to us to avoid stepping into tourist traps where prices are outrageous and you are being fooled into what is supposed to be authentic.

That said you can’t help but notice that these places are still full of customers due to their convenient location right next to important sights and monuments.

As crowds of people are waiting there the last thing you want to do is spend more time looking for places further away to sit down for a snack or drink.

Convenience sure has its price whether it comes to eating, parking, or transportation.

Travel to Florence During the Low Season

A key to avoiding tourist crowds but still not missing any of the sights and monuments is to plan a trip during the low season.

Renting apartments in Florence is a popular option all year around, but even in a Renaissance art studded city like Florence there are less crowded times.

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to visit Florence. Compared to other regions in Italy it is very cold in winter, but the majority of everything you have to see is indoors.

Visit Florence in Italy

Visit Florence in Italy

Things to See and Do in Florence

Florence is also a great option for everyone who loves to shop; and this although the famous markets, San Lorenzo market and the Ponte Vecchio are not that popular and as well frequented due to the weather.

After January 6th the winter sale starts and you can get great deals.
Staying in Florence apartments also offers the opportunity for some great day trips Lucca, Siena, and also Pisa are easily reachable by train and have plenty of interesting things to offer.
It doesn’t take rocket science to see that travelling somewhere in the off-season is more relaxed and less crowded, but not every place has so many famous Renaissance monuments and art pieces.

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