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WASTED: $8 Trillion for the Promise of ‘Life Experience’

by Globetrooper Todd | 1 Responses

Consumers are being stripped of more than $8 trillion every year, and they have nothing physical to show for it. We’re not talking about cosmetics, or gambling, or even drugs. What we’ve uncovered is a brazen industry that peddles the promise of ‘life experience’ through Global Travel.

The Global Travel industry tries to convince unsuspecting people that, “life is all about experience, and experience is all about exploring the unknown”.

And one particular offender,, has even discredited our world-class education system by suggesting, “your education doesn’t start until you travel the globe.”

All we know is that Global Travel, at best, will only teach you that life is much more than the daily grind of 9 to 5.

But at worst, it will cause you to develop a disgusting empathy for other people. You’ll also unwittingly broaden your horizons, make lifelong friends, help people, be helped, and make a positive impact on the globe.

Don’t become a victim. Insure against this threat today. Simply commit, for the next 45 years, to never leave suburbia or your office cubicle.

Or, to really live life, just visit

P.S. is a place where people come together to travel together. You can create your own trips, join other people’s trips, and collaborate with other inspired people to build and travel on adventures that really add colour, variety and perspective to life.

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Posted in | April 15th, 2010

One Response to WASTED: $8 Trillion for the Promise of ‘Life Experience’

  1. Leaving home is risky & you might get hurt! And traveling means you meet new people – and they usually have germs! Stay home & watch tv instead!

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