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Costs of a (Long) Weekend in Venice

by Globetrooper Todd | Add a Comment

Venice is a magical place visited by tourists throughout the year. It has a very romantic flair that particularly attracts couples. What might be a little turnoff though is the fact that it is also a fairly expensive city.

Having to watch your expenses at all times when you are on vacation is a bit tedious and defeats the purpose of taking a holiday. What’s the point of one of the great apartments in Venice if you have to turn every penny twice and you worry about money the whole time? So it’s nice to know beforehand what the costs of certain things will be.


Depending from where you are coming from you will find many low-cost airlines in Europe that offer affordable flights.

Grand Venice Canal

Grand Venice Canal

Food and Drinks

For a decent sit-down meal at a restaurant you should definitely calculate 20 – 25 euros. But you can also get snacks like a panini starting at 4 euros.

If you like sea food and fish be aware that many restaurants charge the fish by weight which is delicious, as the fish is fresh, but it can turn out pretty expensive.

Sitting down for a coffee can get expensive as well paying up to 8€. If the place has music the price includes the cover charge. If you’re in the mood for coffee do it like the Italians and order one at the bar, drinking it standing up.

Cultural Offer

The entrance for museums don’t vary much among cities, but to look up rates beforehand you can visit this website: If you have several museums in mind that you want to visit look for a package deal.

Doges' Palace, Venice

Doges' Palace, Venice

Getting around on the canals

What would a visit in the city of canals be without taking a ride on them?! Well, actually I don’t think you will get around it. If you are travelling with your partner a gondola ride is the epitome of romance and would top off a romantic trip, but as you can imagine they are not cheap. 40 minutes will cost you about 80 euros. If this is too much for you, you will have to do with the Vaporetti,which is for the fact that it is public transportation not exactly cheap at 6.50 euros for a one way ticket.


A great economic option for accommodation are the Venice apartments. Staying at an apartment you will also save money on food and drinks, because you will have a kitchen where you can cook your own meals and you will have the privacy of your own home.

Posted in Services | July 7th, 2011

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