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A WordPress Plugin for Travel Blogs

Live Demo WP World Travel

WP World Travel

With WP World Travel, you can do the following:

  • Display your Current Location to readers
  • Display your Travel Schedule to readers
  • Allow readers to propose Meetups in each location

The mantra of Globetrooper is to help people travel the world together. And the purpose of the WP World Travel plugin is the same. Of course, as a travel blogger, it also makes sense to display your travel plans and meetup with readers around the globe.

How Does WP World Travel Work?

Sidebar Widget

WP World Travel Schedule

Schedule Layout

The plugin displays as a widget in your sidebar. When you add locations to your Travel Schedule (through the WordPress admin Dashboard), the most recent location shows as your Current Location. The remaining future locations show in your Travel Schedule, which is accessed through the link that says, ‘View My Travel Schedule’.

The Travel Schedule shows a list of destinations, the dates at each location and a link that says, ‘Let’s Meetup Here’. Your readers can click that link to propose a meetup with you in either of your future locations. The plugin will record the proposed Meetup in WordPress and attempt to send the details in an email.

If you don’t receive the email, make sure your have a working email address set in the general WordPress admin settings. Otherwise, your server settings may be incorrect or the emails are being trapped by your spam protection.

If you login to the WordPress admin Dashboard regularly, you shouldn’t miss proposed Meetups because we leave an alert message at the top of the screen (the same place where you are notified about WordPress updates).

Admin Dashboard

You can access the Settings, Travel Schedule and Meetups through the Globetrooper link at the bottom of the right-hand menu in the WordPress admin Dashboard. Under the Globetrooper menu item, there are three options:

  • Settings – Set the introduction text (e.g. I’m currently in…) and turn mail alerts on/off
  • Schedule – Add and delete items from your Travel Schedule; make sure the dates are correct
  • Meetups – View and delete propose Meetups; you can view readers’ email addresses here

If you have any problems, contact us directly (see below) and we’ll be happy to help.

WP World Travel Admin Schedule

The Admin Dashboard for Your Travel Schedule

How Do I Get WP World Travel?

There are two options to get the plugin:

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins, click Add New, and search for ‘World Travel’
  • Download the plugin from this link WP World Travel

We suggest you manage the plugin from within your Dashboard to receive all updates in a timely manner. However, if you download the plugin, simply copy it to your wp_content > plugins directory, then follow the instructions below.

How Do I Install WP World Travel?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Install and Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  2. Add your travel plans to using the Schedule menu under Globetrooper in WordPress
  3. Drag the World Travel widget to a sidebar through the Widgets menu in WordPress

And voilà!

Support, Feedback and Improvements

You can contact us directly for support, to provide feedback or to request improvements. We can’t add all suggested improvements, but will certainly consider them all and keep in contact with you on our progress.

Alternatively, if you’d like to engage in a conversation, please leave a comment below. We will be notified by email and will reply to your comment as soon as viable. You may prefer this option to get feedback from our other users on solving problems or new features.

To contact us, use the Globetrooper Contact Form.


104 Responses to A WordPress Plugin for Travel Blogs

  1. Please upgrade to version 1.0.1, which fixes a couple of small bugs and formatting issues. It should be available in 15 minutes or so.

    Many thanks to everyone who has provided feedback.

  2. This is a great resource! The only thing that would make it better would be a small Google Maps window below it.

    • Hey Kelsey, it’s a great idea, but easier in theory than practice. Like I mentioned below, I’ve tried a few times, but pulled a bit too much hair out. But now that I’m staying in one place, I’ll give it another go. I think it will be really worth it. Many thank for the suggestion.

      • I like that Idea.

  3. Awesome! I’m installing this now :) Great work, guys!

    • Thanks Brooke. Glad you like it. We didn’t realise how difficult it was to turn some code into a proper WordPress plugin. Definitely pulled some hair out in the process :)

  4. Wow Todd, did you build this plugin? I think it is great and will use it during my RTW. :)

    Kelsey has a good suggestion about the google map. Maybe it could pinpoint each destination or route it.

    Installing now!

    • Yes, we built it, but it took foreverrrr! Not the initial code, but turning it into a plugin and widget and then making sure it didn’t conflict with other plugins. And of course, most of the early users were on non-English versions of WP. So I had to localize it and allow for lots of customisation.

      I’ve been thinking about the map, but there’s lots to learn about the Google Maps API. I’ve started to do it twice, but it all got a little too tricky. Now that I’m settled again, I’ll give it another try.

      • Wow! Congrats!! It’s really exciting. I’m code dumb, so I can imagine how hard it can be to build a plugin and how tricky the coding must be.

  5. Really cool plugin! Thanks for creating it.

  6. Love this! Off to Canada to renew my passport today, but when I get home I’m installing this. :-) Thanks for all your hard work on it! :-)

    • Thanks Krista. Oooo I have a Canadian passport too, but it got me into trouble because it had no stamps and customs thought it was fake. Look forward to seeing your itinerary and maybe catching up somewhere abroad.

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  7. Very nice! Going to try this out. Looks great.

    • Thanks Michael, thanks for checking it out. Hope all is well over at AOB HQ.

  8. This looks like a great addition. Thanks for the info!

    • Thanks Leigh. Hope it’s working okay for you. We just want to meet more travellers and bloggers as we travel :)

  9. How to make this plugin show out the old ‘World Travel’ information?

    • Hi Tim, I sent you an email. Please reply with the info and I’ll check it out for you.

      Most of all, make sure you’ve entered your travel schedule in the admin section of WordPress.

      • Thank you Todd!!
        Please check your mail box, waitting for your reply:D

      • Hi Tim,

        Haven’t received anything yet. Did you send to the following address:

        todd (at) globetrooper (dot) com

      • Hi Todd,

        I had solved this problem, cuz this plugin can’t show the old “My Travel Itinerary”…
        I wanna ask how to show out the old “My Travel Itinerary” ??

        Tim Cheung

  10. Could you add an option to disable/enable the meetup function?

    Would be even better if you will make it optional for each added location!

    Another great feature would be the possibility to give each location a link-ability. Can be very usefull to link locations directly to website, galleries, blogs, posts, etc…

    • I agree. I how can I get rid of the Meet Up Function?

    • Hey Robert and Daniel, I’ll add an option to disable meetups and publish an update to WordPress. I’ll post back here once it’s live. Give me a day or so.

    • Hey Guys, I’ve uploaded the fix to WordPress. In about 20 minutes the update will be available in your plugin dashboard. To disable Meetups, theres an option in the main settings page called “Enabled”. Set it to “No” to remove the Meetup link.

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  11. Hi Todd-

    I was able to figure out how to remove the code to get rid of that functionality. so for me maybe I am OK… thank you for your willingness to alter the code, I really do like the plugin..

    • Thanks for letting me know. If you do an update, your code change will be over-written. In that case, just go into the settings and disable Meetups with the option. All the best, todd.

  12. Here WP work information is really needed.
    It helps to get more information about traveling.Here also informed about admin dashboard.
    It will help to get information on login.

  13. Hey there,
    I love the idea behind this plugin. However, when I post it to my site it won’t display the drop down of my itinerary or let me add my email for responses or meet up. In the settings you can only add titles and such, and in the widget you can only add the label. How do I get it to display anything? I have already added dates as well.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I’m looking at your website now, and it seems to be displaying fine. The drop-down is working fine for me.

      The only issue seems to be that the labels on the meetup box (name, email, message) are in white, so you can’t see them properly.

      I just sent a test meetup through, so let’s see if you get it. If it helps, I can send a screenshot of your site with the plugin working. Have you seen the plugin in action on our site? Yours is about the same, but different styles applied of course.

      Let me know if there’s something specific that’s not working and I’ll check it out.

      Nice site, by the way. We’ve been on the road for 14 months now. So great to see more people embarking on indefinite travel.


      • Awesome thanks, I guess I jumped the gun and didn’t give it time to load. I got the test message which is great. Is there a way to change the font color in the “Meetup” form?

        Thanks for the kind word about the site, it was just started two weeks ago so I am still working on content but I love you site as well.

  14. Hey Todd,
    Is there any way of changing the color of the labels for the “meet up” box so the users can see what to fill in?

    • Hey Ryan,

      You need to change the CSS (Style) code. It seems you theme has applied that color to all text in the sidebar.

      If you have the ability to edit the code in your CSS file for your theme, add something like this:

      #wpwt-meetup label { color:#444 !important; }

      I just had a look, your CSS file is here: So if you can edit that file through your web hosting account or using an FTP program, just add the line I gave you to the bottom.

      Hope that helps.

      • Have you ever thought about creating an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?
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  15. Absolutely amazing plugin. Definitely going to look to add this to our website, as we’ve got a trip in the New Year around Italy.

    Great work!

  16. Awesome looking plugin – installing now!

  17. How can get ” FInd a Trip ” option with working ? I have installed but not seen this option for destination search.
    Please help me. Thnaks in Advance

  18. Hi Manoj

    You search for trip or join existing trips via the web site and communicate with other participants by Globetrooper PM.

    The WordPress plugin is aimed at people who are on trips right now and are running a travel blog to update people on the progress of their trip.

    Or it is ideal for people that simply travel a lot around the world and use the plugin to keep their visitors informed so that they can meet people in new countries and schedule activities etc.

  19. It is a really cool plugin.
    I met a little problem, I am from china, so the WordPress I installed is a chinese version. When I use “World Travel”, the month will be displayed in chinese, like 一 instead of Jan, 二 instead of Feb. So the result is like 13 一 2012 instead of 13 Jan 2012. So weird, is there any way can change the language?
    Thank you

  20. Nice plugin but I would add the edit option. Sometimes my plans change and I need to delete scheluded entries and create again. I need an edit button to change dates or places.

  21. Hey!

    Love the plugin and want to use it, but is there any way I can insert it into a page instead of a sidebar widget?

    Please let me know!


  22. I love this Widget.
    1 Problem: on my homepage it always shows the entire itinerary instead of a View Itinerary button. But on all post pages it Has the Vie itinerary option.
    How do I solve this?

  23. Hi,

    I was very hopeful excited finding your plugin. There are a few features that would be useful to me, though:

    1- the ability to edit an entry, not just deleting it.
    2- the ability to enter a bit of text, info, etc as part of the entry.
    3- could people subscribe to the listings so that if we enter new ones they would receive an email notification?

    Many thanks!


  24. Head south of Australia to the rugged island of Tasmania and discover a treasure trove of travel experiences

  25. Great plugin guys, the travel blog industry just keeps growing. I like the social aspect of your plugin, it allows travelers to update their blog visitors easily.

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  26. Hi there,

    I installed this plugin some weeks ago and it was working perfectly. However, I had scheduled a different location for today and since yesterday on my side bar I see:

    I’m currently in
    View My Travel Itinerary

    i.e. the location isn’t listed next to ‘I’m currently in’. If you click on ‘view my…’ then you can see the schedule. I have tried deleting the schedule and putting it in again, deactivating and reactivating the plugin… Is there anything else I can do to make it work again?


  27. I’m currently having the same problem as Hannah – in Internet Explorer only, the drop down menu will not display. This has only been in the last few weeks, after installing the WordPress 3.4.2 update, so I suspect there is a conflict. It is still working on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

  28. I realy like your plugin. The only thing, which would be great to get through an update, would be the possibility to edit the entered data, e.g. if I made an error or something

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