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Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America bordering Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. The country is rich in natural resources: the world's largest drinking water reservoir (Guarani Aquifer) is beneath its soil, the biggest hydroelectric producer--The Itaipú Dam--is on its border with Brazil. It's also the world's fifth largest exporter of soya beans, as well as a renowned producer of beef. Despite this, it is South America's second poorest country, and it is very common to see beggars asking for money on Asuncion's corners.

What To Do In Paraguay

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What To Do In Paraguay
Tentative to change. Probably will include working, volunteering overseas. more

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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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What To Do In Paraguay
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Vital Stats

Region Info Latin America
Population 579.2 million
Highest Altitude 6,960 m
Cerro Aconcagua, Argentina 22,835 ft
Lowest Altitude -105 m
Laguna del Carbón, Argentina -344 ft
Lowest Temperature -32.0 °C
Santa Bárbara, Mexico (1999) -25.6 °F
Highest Temperature 52.0 °C
Mexicali, Mexico (1995) 125.6 °F

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