Peru pilgrimage in the ancient land of Incas

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Dates 16 Sep '17 to 30 Sep '17

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Est. Cost 2,900 - 2,900 EUR (EUR Euro)

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Name Peru pilgrimage in the ancient land of Incas

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The travel adventure in a nutshell!


Pilgrimage to Machu Picchu, Ayahuasca rituals led by shamans in the Amazon jungle (Pucallpa region), trekking Lares Valley and homestay with local families, visiting Cusco and the Sacred Valley, meeting local communities.


16th September 2017 – 30th September 2017




Air-flight to Lima, Peru

Machu Picchu

The ruins of Machu Picchu, rediscovered in 1911 by Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham, are one of the most beautiful and enigmatic ancient sites in the world. While the Inca people certainly used the Andean mountain top erecting many hundreds of stone structures from the early 1400’s, legends and myths indicate that Machu Picchu (meaning ‘Old Peak’ in the Quechua language) was revered as a sacred place from a far earlier time. Machu Picchu seems to have been utilized by the Inca as a secret ceremonial city.

For more info about Machu Picchu:
Lares Valley trek

The Lares trek is a two- or three-day high-altitude hike in Cusco, Peru, starting near the village Lares, approximately 40 miles north of Cusco and 35 miles east of Machu Picchu. The Lares Valley lies in the east of the Urupampa mountain range, traversing part of the Sacred Valley. Reaching the start of the trek requires a bus or van trip of approximately 5 hours from the village of Lares. The Lares trek route transverses typical Peruvian Andean mountain areas.

The Lares Valley is home of many traditional weavers and farmers and famous for homemade textiles. The indigenous people of this area speak Quechua and Spanish and will often give you a chance to weave something yourself.

The trek is also far more quiet than the Inca Trail as it is not as well known. The Lares trek is also slightly easier than the Inca Trail, although there is still 1 high pass will trek over, the highest being 4,400 meters.

For more info about Lares trek:

Ayahuasca ritual in the Amazon jungle, Pucallpa region

Regarding the Ayahuasca ceremony will spend approx 5 days to heal and recuperate from deep emotional healing work that will happen through 3 Ayahuaska ceremonies – they will take place every other day.. There are intermediate dates between the ceremonies in order for the participants to rest. Te diet is simple and specific in order for the body to be prepared for the medicine.
In the evening the participants gather in the traditional house situated in the Amazon jungle which is especially for these ceremonies. Once everyone is settled all lights are blew off and the shaman begins by opening his bottle of Ayahuasca and whispers his intention to the medicine. Then he gives the medicine to the participants and he also takes it in order to be able to “see” in the participants their energy body for illnesses or blocked energy. After this everybody awaits for the medicine to be activated. After a point the shaman and his helpers are singing traditional songs in order to assist the ceremony. These traditional songs called “icaros” and are the songs of the plant spirits. The shaman will ask you to come and sit in front of him and he will blow tabacco on your body with focus on your healing and cleansing. The helpers of the shaman will assist you in whatever you might need during the ceremony, as for different people the reactions might be different. The ceremony last 5 hours and after this you will go to your room to sleep and rest.

With the combined power of the Peruvian Shaman & Northern Deer Alexander, (Shaman, Spiritual Teacher & Guide of the whole Trip) you will end the journey in the most magical, deep healing and transformation way possible! Be ready for a big Adventure!

More detailed info will be given to the final participants of the trip via skype session.

Let the adventure begin!

Some people say that the best way to rediscover your true self and freedom is to travel as much and as widely as you can. Why is this? What happens when we travel that makes us feel more free and happier? It has to do with the unknown! When we travel, especially in countries with culture very different from the culture we were brought up and see new places and faces, when everything is brand new, the mind stops. Nothing is the way we are used to be, so the mind can not follow its usual patterns and habitual behavior.

This adventure is a spiritual one as much as an external one! The essence of this trip is for you to overcome any fear that you might have in any level, spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, to gain back your power and finally set yourself free! In the mist of coming back home to yourself do not forget to laugh, have fun and make new friends!!!

The Trip will be guided by Spiritual Teacher, Shaman & Healer Northern Deer Alexander

Founder of the WORLD OF WISDOM & SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE COMMUNITY who will help each individual to receive from this experience the maximum benefit in the level of the awakening of his/her true essence. The trip will include practices for awakening of the inherent part of ourselves which is the true being that we are!

So! Have you ever dreamed visiting Peru and Machu Picchu, the ancient mystical city of Incas?

And on top of that trekking Lares Valley, meeting the local communities and camp in the garden of a local and get to experience first hand the tradition daily life of Peruvians?

What about visiting the Amazon jungle and connect with the shamans there and their traditions?

If the answer for to the above questions is YES then this adventure is for YOU!


Day 1-16th September:

Arrive to Lima from International flight.

Depending on the airline we shall be met by a representative of our partners in Lima and transferred directly to our hotel in Miraflores. If our time of arrival is 1pm or after, it will be possible to check into the room.
In the afternoon/early evening you can take time to explore the district of Miraflores on foot which is very safe even at night. There are many cafes, restaurants and bars to explore. There are also pharmacies, banks and money exchange shops all nearby if you need them. Dinner on the first night is not included but a group meal at a recommended restaurant can be arranged.

Day 2-17th September:

Transfer to airport and Fly Lima to Cusco, travel to the Sacred Valley.

We aim to get you on the 9 or 9.45am flight so your wake up time shall not be too early but ensuring you are also at the Sacred Valley and in good time in order to maximize on your acclimation period. At around 11am or 11.30am you will be met at the airport by the local crew and you will be taken in a private van 1.5 hours drive to Urubamba in the heart of the Sacred Valley where we shall stop for an included buffet lunch at Tunupas traditional restaurant in some lovely settings and placed by the river. After this, we will continue to the Inka Site of Ollantaytambo where you can learn about this magnificent temple and historical town.

In this day we will do a special ritual to initiate our journey. Our purpose is to connect through the Inka civilization with our ancestral roots. Deep down, our being is connected with the ancestral world as we are the continuation of life that happened hundreds and thousands of years ago on the earth. Through a special connection with energy everyone will be able to receive awakening of internal resources that will be directed towards or purpose: The transformation and awakening of our true Self

After that we will return to our accommodation in the rural neighborhood of Rumi Chaka. The Capilla Lodge is located in wonderful surroundings with gardens and mountain views and you will be hosted by Christophe and his wife Rhomina who are a French-Peruvian couple who are fantastic people!

Trek brief in hotel reception We would like to arrange you a meeting with the guide to discuss full details of the trek. Ideally at 6pm in the evening. After the briefing we will have a spiritual Lesson with Alexander & a meditation to connect with our primal memories and receive the link to the Akashic Records: the energetic field of our Global and collective memories. This will prepare us also energetically for the deep inner traveling with Ayahuaska in the upcoming days and it will be a deep energetic cleansing for the Demanding energetic work that will happen in the Lares Treck!

Day 3-18th September:

Chichubamba agro-tourism tour in the morning.

This is the perfect way to introduce you to the Andean culture without over-doing it. The tour would involve mostly light-walking on foot for just a couple of kilometers. Included on your tour will be three local workshops, The tour will begin from the lodge at 9.30am and we shall get to the farming village of Chichubamba in around 20 minutes by mototaxis (local Tuk-tuks) to start our demonstrations.

Lunch is optional but the villagers can provide a traditional lunch of ‘PACHAMANCA’ a local and typical way to cook everything in the ground and over hot-stones.

In the afternoon we will have a discussion about the purposes of the Lares Treck and you will be receiving individual tasks to work with your being through Tarot Ritual.

Also you may wish to take at your own leisure or individual time to prepare for the trek.

Note: any extra clothes/luggage can be left at the lodge until your return from the trek (or Machu Picchu)

Overnight: La Capilla lodge with breakfast.

Day 4-19th September:

Start of 3 day Lares hike – From Urubamba drive to Lares (3000m), then hike to Huacachuasi village (or just beyond).

We depart the lodge just after breakfast at around 8.15am in a private vehicle. First we will travel across from the Sacred Valley to the Lares valley on a beautiful stretch of road. This will show us the true Andean lifestyle as we pass through enormously vast spaces and small remote rural villages. We should stop briefly to see the Inca ruin s of Ancascacha 100’s of cylinder style buildings that may have been used as a large Inka storage facility. At around 2 and a half hours later we arrive at the town of Lares and our last chance for a quick stop and buy anything essential then we make our way on the trail beginning from Chancachaka to to Hucachuasi. The path is good and although is uphill, it is gradual. We anticipate to arrive to our hosts just on the far side of Huacahuasi village after around 3-4 hours of hiking at a slow, steady pace and including stops. A local Peruvian family and friends of ours will open their home for us and we will overnight at their home as their guests.

These days of the Treck will be dedicated to the development of personal Power – The “World of Umai” – Walking will be a practice meditation for you to receive empowerment and to understand the essence of transformation and perseverance in the material plain. If we want to achieve something we need to build the energy of the so called “soul Kut”. This is the part of us containing energy of life and is expressed as internal power or motivation to manifest something in the world. Today this day is dedicated in this part of us – the so called “soul Kut” in Shamanic terminology. We will be making exercises and delve into topics like levels of action – interdependence of our activities with the levels of vital energy and inner power, determination, the art of modern “magic” etc. In the end of the day we will have a ritual of shamanic meditation with the drum

Ascent 3200m – 3950 m

Trekking time – 3-4 hours approximately with stops.

Distance covered. Approximately 10 kilometers.

Accommodation: Home-stay with a Peruvian family

Day 5-20th September:

Trek Day 2: Huacahuasi Alta/Sondor (3950m) – Abra Haucahuasi 4590m (Pumahuanca high pass) Lake Aruraycocha (4050m) – Huilloc (3300m)
This middle day of the trek will be our toughest test!
After breakfast, we shall make our way up to the high pass Abra Huascahuasi in around 3 hours or less. Once arriving at the top on a clear day we will be rewarded with stunning views of the surrounding mountains including hopefully a view of the glacier of Pumahaunca as we are situated at the foot of it. Then also is the view down to lake Mantanay (also known in Quechua as Aruraycocha) on the other side of the pass.
We descend down to the glacier lake in around 45 minutes on short switchbacks. At this point we navigate around the side of the lake getting its view from different angles before resting for an early lunch or brunch.
Afterwards we traverse across on undulating ground for the next hour before dropping into the Patacancha valley and down to the village of Huilloc around 3 hours later.
One of our horseman, Wilfredo, that leads the animals lives in Huilloc and will be happy to host us in his home where we can meet the rest of his family too!

Shamanic Practices for personal power – Building our team – leadership and its significance – Meditation with the drum – spiritual teachings on the way

Ascent 3950m – 4590m – 3300m

Trekking time – 6-7 hours approximately with stops.

Distance covered. Approximately 13-14 kilometers.

Accommodation: homestay with a Peruvian family

Day 6-21th September:

Trek Day 3: Huilloc (3300m) – Pumamarka Inka ruins (3450m) – Ollantaytambo (2900m) – train to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu village) 2000m.

Departing after breakfast we then leave the village behind us and walk on a bit of road until the village of Pallata (45 minutes or so of walking) we can then head up 150metres (around 1 hour on switch-backs) to see an amazing Inka fort then head down gradually on good trail again to lead us in to Ollantaytambo for around lunch time. At this point we can get a hot lunch in town at our own discretion or we can provide you a box lunch and you can find somewhere nice by the river to sit and enjoy.

Today is the day for silent meditation and contemplation while walking – You will have time to consider the lessons of personal power you have received in the two days and ask questions or clarify a way for you to develop this aspect of life that is not only valuable but more than necessary if one wants to experience the possibility of arriving to one’s own personal freedom – We will discuss the path of the warrior “fighting” for what we want – the ups and downs of this way of dealing with life’s challenges and we will end this part of our trip – psychologically and emotionally fully empowered – but physically maybe a bit tired!

Peru pilgrimage in the ancient land of Incas

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Peru pilgrimage in the ancient land of Incas


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