Road Trip! New York to California

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Dates 3 Jun '13 to 3 Jul '13

Flexible? No, not really

Est. Cost 2,545 - 2,900 USD (USD United States Dollars)

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Name Road Trip! New York to California

Hi guys! I'm planning a road trip from coast to coast heading west in 2013. I will take about 30 days to make my way over while stopping at all kinds of fun places on the way! Expenses are covered with the price except food. I would love to have some travel partners! The trip is completely safe and gaurunteed. I've posted a bit of the itinerary below.

Day 1 New York to Philadelphia​
First stop will be to visit the haunted cellblocks of the world's first penitentiary. Next is Liberty Square in Philly.

Day 2 Washington DC
Spending the day at the National Mall and Memorial Parks. Visit the White House, countless monuments and take in a few of the 17 free Smithsonian Museums.

Day 3-4 Ohio & Indianapolis
In Ohio, hike near peaceful waterfalls and caves like Old Man's Cave, Ash Cave and the Devil's Bathtub.
We stop in Indianapolis for lunch and visit some of their 200 downtown retail shops.

Day 5-6 Chicago
Play for two days!

Day 7-8-9 Sioux Falls & Badlands National Park
From Sioux we'll make our way to Badlands National Park to give a shot at fossil hunting and try to spot the wild Buffalo and Bighorn Sheep before sunset. 

Day 10 Mount Rushmore & Cave Exploration
Hundreds of miles of billboards will finally bring us to the famous Wall Drug. We'll stop at this old roadside drugstore that features five cent coffee, free ice water and plenty of shenanigans.
After coffee and breakfast we'll head to see the Mount Rushmore National Monument.

Before nightfall we will stop by the National Monument of Jewel or Wind Cave, where we take a tour into the depths of the earth.

Day 11 Nebraska
Enjoy the rural state of relaxation. We have a full day to enjoy some down time. Saddle up for a guided trail ride up to the top of the bluffs for an eagle eye view of the historic ex-military fort where we'll be lodging for the night. 

Day 12-13 Boulder, Colorado
Two full days to explore Boulder! Tons of art, hippies and fun!

Day 14-15-16 Green River & Bryce Canyon
Before we arrive at Bryce Canyon National Park, we stop over for the night at Green River, a grassy oasis outside of the Moab Desert.

Bright and early we head to Bryce to immerse in the glowing red rocks, switchback trails and unique beauty of the canyon. A great place for a starry night.

Day 17-18 Las Vegas
"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Time to wash off nature's dirt and get ready to party at America's crazy playground. Play Blackjack, get hitched, dance on a bar, party at casino's and clubs on and off the strip. There is no place like Vegas to fill our nights with adventure!

Day 19-20 Grand Canyon
One of the true wonders of the world! The views of the Grand Canyon are truly overwhelming.

Day 21-22 Flagstaff & Sedona, Arizona
Get a cup o' joe at one of the many coffee shops in Flagstaff while smelling the fresh air off the pine forests. It's also a great town for some very alternative shopping.
Sedona is said to have vortices where you can literally feel the energy changing when coming upon one. Cool down at Slide Rock State Park, a water park naturally carved out of the red rock.

Day 23 Phoenix, Arizona & Sand Dunes Park, SoCal
Check out Roosevelt Row in Phoenix, the artsy area where we may catch some poetry readings or art exhibits. After an afternoon of street art, we enter the desert of Southern California and camp with endless sand dunes in every direction. We wake up to explore the artwork of an off the grid city you won't find on any maps.

Day 24-25 Santa Monica & Los Angeles
In Santa Monica and Venice Beach, we'll stay local for the night and explore. Santa Monica's 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beache's one of a kind boardwalk are all within walking distance.

Day 26-27 Big Sur California coast
Soak up the sun and collect some sand dollars and jade. This picturesque area is perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle. Bathe in the Pacific Ocean or hike to waterfalls.

Day 28-29-30 Monterey & Santa Cruz
We can catch a local live band downtown, play a round of Disc Golf, ride a roller coaster on the Boardwalk and just soak up the good vibes of this small beach town. 

Day 31 Santa Cruz to San Francisco
Walk Haight street, take a trolley ride, spread a blanket and people watch in the parks. Visit fisherman's wharf, walk the Golden Gate Bridge or book a boat ride to Alcatraz.

Road Trip! New York to California

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illuzion Hello Breezy! I would be really interested in your trip. There's only one thing. Your itinerary is really really tight. Is it anyhow possible that you make your trip a longer so that there is no need to drive for 6 hours a day every single day cause not many people are interested in doing this kind of dreamtrip in a hurry?
5 years ago
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Road Trip! New York to California


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Breezy Breezy
United States of America

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  • Philly
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Santa Cruz
  • Monterey
  • Venice Beach
  • Big Sur
  • Los Angeles
  • Santa Monica
  • Sand Dunes Park
  • Phoenix
  • Sedona
  • Flagstaff
  • Grand Canyon
  • Las Vegas
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Green River
  • Colorado
  • Nebraska
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Badlands
  • Sioux Falls
  • Chicago
  • Indianapolis
  • Ohio
  • Washington DC


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