Summer 2014 Europe Trip

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Dates 13 Jun '14 to 13 Jul '14

Flexible? Somewhat

Est. Cost 2,025 - 2,725 USD (USD United States Dollars)

Type Travel Partners Wanted

Name Summer 2014 Europe Trip

This might be a bit lengthy, but im excited about this trip, so bare with me:):):)

About me:
My names Ashley and Im 21 year old a senior undergraduate at Mizzou. Im graduating this year and taking a year off to work and travel before medical school. Ive studied abroad for a semester in the UK and absoultley loved it and have wanted to go back to travel more ever since i left! Im wanting to travel around a month in Europe with a group of people that are laid back, and maybe looking taking some time off me before some sort of graduate type schooling like me. Im not looking for a trip to break the bank, so budget is important, and most importantly wanting to be around people who are really looking to just have that 'experience of a life time' :) Having some americans and brits/irish would be ideal as we're starting in the UK.

So, these are the loose details I'm thinking about:

***Travel periods: early to mid-june---early/ mid july.
(not set in stone but around that time. Most importantly though, want a group of people that will start, and probably end, the same dates)
***Total length: 4-6 weeks.

***Travel group : 3-5 people who books everything and travels together the entire trip (except if you want to travel longer, like past 6 weeks)

Reasons behind this:
1. Safety- Traveling together promotes safety.
Im an adventurist person, but I have money stolen, and plans go awry traveling alone, so im hoping to do it with a great group of people that will stick together this time around:) not saying go do everything together, but stay in the same hostel/cities together
2. Having a large group of people will make it difficult to reserve the same hostel. Logistical reasons.

Estimated Costs:
** im made them as realistic as possible. Mainly for my self:

1. Transport-
a.Eurail: $650
b.extra flight/in country transport: $100

----Eurail pass: travel 10 days in 2 months (24 countries): $650
(I think only americans can travel eurail, so europeans would have to look into interail i think..)

(This equals to about $65/ transit. This is nice because while flights like ryan air is cheep, you also have to account for transport to and from the airport, which adds up quickly.They are very strict about the luggage size. Also, going via rail allows flexibilty that flights dont). Might book a flight or two if 2 countries are just really far away via rail)

Im gonna estimate about 35 days:

2. Hostels:
Abosolute low end: $525 ($15/night)
Pretty low end: $700 ($20/night avg.)

*overnight train rides, and having friends in different countries
will help lots with this cost:)

3. Food:
Absolute low end: $350 ($10/day)
Low end: $450 ( $10/day 25 days and $20/day 10 days for nights out)

4. Drink:
Absolute low end: $200 ($10/night about 20/25 nights going out.
ie lots of pre-drinking!)

Low end:$400 ($20/night about 20/35 nights going out)
**not that i'm an alcoholic or anything but im gonna want go out a lot during the evenings as this is vacation and this is probably a realistic cost

5. Tourist trips and activities
Absolute low end: $200 ($20/ days for about 10 days of 35 )
Low end:$425 ($25/ every other day-about 18 days)

Absolute low end: $750+ $525+$350+$200+$200: $2025
Low end: $750+$700+$450+$400+$425: $2,725

Then add in your flights:

Im going to be starting in London, UK,
Then I want to hit all the major places in spain, france, italy, germany, belgium, ect. This is TBD

Last, if your interested in joining this trip, send an email to
or add me on Facebook and message me at:

I probably won't check this too often.
Once i get some people interested who are serious about the trip, ill start a FB group, we can skype and 'meet each other' and then figure out the details.

Looking forward to the trip!

Summer 2014 Europe Trip

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AJAY Hi Ashley, How are you? Got your email from globetrooper, Your plan sounds amazing. I am male 26 from India and I am really up for it. Let me know if your plan is still on or if i can join you. My facebook id is
4 years ago
Olive Hello Ashley, Your trip sounds like so much fun! I would be interested in joining if you're still looking for people. Contact me:
4 years ago
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Summer 2014 Europe Trip


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