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Cytokine Great,. I can join on July 1st. Let me know further details
Cytokine Let me know more details. I'm fluent in Spanish so we can definitely visit Spain. I would really like to go to Eastern Europe but I'm open to anywhere.
Trip | Europe trip
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4 days ago
Cytokine I'm in as well. I will finish my project in June. I can join July 1st 2015. Let me know more info
Gabrielle What type of route are you planning on taking? As far as northern Great Plains or southern plains? Sounds like it could be a lot of fun!
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2 weeks ago
Shlok Have you completed your trip or are you still up for Kili?
Angie I'm definitely interested in going! November works better, aeromexico has good deals to san jose right now.
Angie sorry I meant November works better for me!! :) I love all of costa ricas adventurous side!! Also the weather should be better at that time as well!
4 weeks ago
Angie does the 21st of oct work for you? I will be in Haiti next week please let me know soon! Thanks!
4 weeks ago
Debora Duarte
Debora Duarte I just booked my flight! going from 6 nov to 11 nov! I'm going with 2 friends. you're welcome to join us :)
3 weeks ago
Jessepresto hi there. I'm interested to join you. I want to see Cambodia and Vietnam, and am flying into Bkk. Maybe we can roll together
RWUgirl Hey! I am looking to do a road trip across the USA with a few weeks of backpacking through Hawaii as well. I'd love to hear your plans!
8scn Hi! My name is Sarah. I'm planning on backpacking through Western Europe too. I'm fine going alone but it'd be funner and safer to go with people. Have you decided where you wanted to go yet?
Bex Sounds like a fantastic trip would love to join you, what are your plans? Or just going to see what happens :)
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