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pranab Hi! I am very interested in this trip and think it would be lots of fun to be there for New Years. However I won't be able to leave till the 23rd. Let me know what you think. Thanks
arsh Hi. I'm looking to interail around march 15. Looking at Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia,Croatia, Hungary and Romania. Anyone got similar plans? Cheers, arsh.
Teddy Rankyn
Teddy Rankyn Hey this trip sounds good. Most definitely interested in joining you. I'm from Trinidad btw.
Glory hi! were n when is your next trip?
RAJINDER KUMAR i am in, i am from india then you travel india with me, i also travel all asia, i am also working like guide
Tamara hey, i am planning a trip to ireland! care to join?
Tamara I am definitely down! I am planning a trip to Dublin also in December/january if anyone is interested in that.. pretty cheap too!
SissyFoot I want to do this same low budget trip once I finish my degree (starting next summer 2015). So obviously I cannot hop on your tour starting in Jan, but I would love to connect and get your process on logistics and planning for the trip! There are so many blogs and ideas out there to sift through and would love some advice. Please email me (Kristen.m.whitney@gmail.com)
Az Hi I would be interested in talking to you about this trip! feel free to drop me a msg. Thanks Az (London)
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