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JosephMorgan Hey if yall are traveling through Texas, yall should come to Houston and stay a day or two. We've got a ton of stuff to do that yall would enjoy. As a frequent traveler myself I always enjoy getting to stay with local folks and experience the culture. If yall are interested in a Texas beer and Barbecue experience come spend a day or two with us! Email me for more info, my name is Morgan :) morganmcc.texas@gmail.com
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4 days ago
Maciej Hello Morgan! I've sent you an email. Let me know if you got it.
8 hours ago
Shankar vbb
Shankar vbb Hi I know some best ashram and yoga training center in india if you are interested i will share information
bgb76 I would like to join too to Mount Everest. I need to plan thoroughly & get fit. Pls add my name to probables bharadwaja.b.g@gmail.com / +91-98488-48450
Shah Newaz
Shah Newaz I am planing for a trip to Budapest, capital of Hungary, in this November, which is a European country. Anyone interested to join me on this trip? as a part of Europe trip.
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2 days ago
Shah Newaz
Shah Newaz I am interested, sounds like a quiet amazing trip. about the budget, could it be a little less?
Mari I wrote you a mail, do you still wanna do it? I'm in!
CJ This trip sounds amazing, and a perfect part of my RTW that I am planning on taking when I am done with grad school.
Quinie04 Hi Kathleen. If you want to see the Northern Lights, I recommend you go to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland and go up to Abisko (1hr with car). I've been there myself last winter and saw the aurora 5 out of 7 nights :). In Abisko there is also an agency I did some snowmobiling with. Hope you have an awesome trip!
Asha_1989 Hey Sara any update on the trip?? i really want to visit Europe this August. please let me know! i am 25 year old Indian female. thanks
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2 days ago
Sharon Hi this sounds quite interesting to me can I ask if flights are included within the package? If possible could you send me more details? And have you heard back from anyone else? Krs, Sharon
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3 days ago
Nika Hi Sharon, it's great to hear from you! The flights are not included in the package, as you can fly into Lhasa from many places or you can also take a train, which changes the prices of the fare. This is a typical arrangement for the tour that transport in and out of Tibet is not included. As of now, you are the first one to respond on GlobeTrooper, but I am also discussing a trip with a few (max 3) other friends. And i will send you the message with more details soon! Hope you can make it! Love and Light, Nika
2 days ago
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