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Tony are you taking a car into China? thats nearly impossible or yes you may theoretically but not practically.
Ashleigh I'm interested!
7 months ago
waseem i am so intersting to go to this trip
5 months ago
Sam Hello Sophia, Have you completed the expedition of Kil? I am planning to hike in October 2016. Please let me know if you are still looking for partners? Regards Sam
Anwar I'm looking to travel to India later in the year as well! I can join you there and travel through to the Maldives :) Do you have a rough estimate of when you'd be there?
maxb I'll be driving around S.A. for a few months starting this december. Would be cool to catch up somewhere and drive together for some time
Emily Crow
Emily Crow Hey there! I would also be interested in joining your tip! I am a senior in college (21 years old) and love to travel! I am not sure the flexibility I will have, I may need to jump in and join for a bit of the trip! Sounds awesome though!!
maxb Sounds cool, Emily! When do you plan on being in S.A.? Any cool place on your "to-visit" list?
5 months ago
maxb Ciao Pierce! Where do you live now - and when do you plan on being in South America?
Emily Crow
Emily Crow Hi! I would be interested in this trip! I am looking to travel Southeast Asia as well! How many people are you looking to travel with?
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