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Vannmann Hi there, maybe I can join. A interrail in march would have been cool
Trip | eastern europe 2015
Travel Forum
3 months ago
www.ergchebbi-tours.com welcome to www.ergchebbi-tours.com
SamiSonks Hello! I am interested in going to Costa Rica for some time during the summer. I speak English and Spanish. Maybe we can connect? -Sami
adrianisss I'm interested!
kabolol That's brilliant we'll let you know if there's enough people to start this trip:) thank you.
3 months ago
ramana Hell yeah.... But are you sure about the cost...I mean it should be more than 500000. @pagr0001....please tell us how much did it cost you for the entire trip.
pagr0001 yes i know whole expedition cost. it will $30000 and more
3 months ago
mrunmayi i am interested in climbing Mt. Everest in 2017...please let me knw d exact expenses of the trip and also please let me knw wat all experience is needed to climb Mt. Everest..?can a newcomer climb Mt. Everest by just taking a mountaineering course?...please contact me at mrunmayi18@gmail.com
Zoe Heyyy! I'm in pretty much the same boat as you, really looking to do a sort of 2 month stint or even longer from January in South East Asia or even Europe or both! Let me know if you fancy it!
Trip | Gap year !!!!
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3 months ago
Mollie Hey! Check out my trip and tell me what you think? Maybe start in Argentina??
Trip | Round The World 2015
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3 months ago
Alpaca I'm also planning a backpacking trip with the same budget and would love to make travel plans with others!
Tom.Sichel Hello! Im thinking on doing a trip across Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina from February to May. We should start talking and make plan of some sort :) do you have a couch surfing account? it's much easier to for me to communicate on that.
Trip | South 'Merica
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4 months ago
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