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hindunath I like to join. i love moutain trekking and also i need to know more about the trip.
Mari could you start one week earlier?
jhon I can join you in UK, currently I live here
Mari Hey, I have the same idea, but have to work till the end of august- if you know where and when you want to start tell me, I would try to join you email: tagtraumhoch2@googlemail.com, Mari
Guido 300 USD ?????? It s really hard....
Christina Hi Daisy, sounds amazing and very similar to what I want to do. Did you organize your trip yet? What is your level of horseexperience? Are your dates fixed? Your budget might be a bit low - Argentinia is an expensive country... I can go from November to January, 3 months max., also plan on buying a horse. I would prefer to go to Chile but I'm rather flexible about this.
Bea H
Bea H Hey, this sounds awesome, I'm interested. Any updates?
4 months ago
Nicole There are 3 of us interested in this trip! Wanting to backpack Thailand Dec. 26 - Jan. 10
Trip | Thailand
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4 months ago
TheDaiWalker It is a good time to be doing it. I recommend going via the West Highland Way and then follow the great glenn way from fort william to inverness. Stunning!
Stian Haugland
Stian Haugland Is this still active?
Trip | THE trip
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4 months ago
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