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Jared Hi Victoria, I'm looking for a partner or group for 2 to 3 months. July to October, I'm flexible. I wouldn't need to go too cheap but some of the best times I've had is trying to scrap by. Message me if interested.
Vidyadhar Please share the detail plan
DanielF.A.A Hello Riabel, your plans sound cool. Would you like to gather a group and go travelling together?
DanielF.A.A Hi Alex, your plans sound cool. Would you like to go travelling together?
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Hey I would love to join you on this trip I was actually planning on doing the same. If you are still on for the run just tweet me on @stalkthesnapper and we can discuss the entire thing.
Trip | India tour
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1 month ago
Suzannah This sounds ideal. Not sure if I can wait until nextyear though! Haven't got a jeep so would youhave space for 2 in yours?
Suzannah Hi, I have my passport and rucksack ready - when will you be flying to Africa?
Hanssell Mendoza
Hanssell Mendoza Hola Melanie, es un gusto saludarte. Soy de Guatemala y vivo en Ciudad Capital. Estoy interesado en realizar el recorrido de Guatemala = Argentina pero a inicios del otro año. Las fechas que tienes previstas son fijas o aun estas viendo cuando comenzar?
Trip | Mexico to Argentina
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2 months ago
annie Hi, me and my boyfriend are starting to plan what possibly might be a similar adventure. We are wanting to drive from the UK to SA, via the west coast. We were just looking for some information from people who have done this trip before, how long you spent doing it, an idea of the route that you took, the overall cost of the journey and the highlights/lowlights of the trip. Any info would be greatly received. Thanks!
traveladdict(sam) Max, it's a shame you're trip is so short! You sound like a great bunch. Maybe we can meet in the states I'm doing a 3 month USA road trip over the summer and we can all plan a future trip I feel for the girl in your group lol
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