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Sheena I know it says you're looking to start your journey in December, but if you just can't wait (which I hope is the case), consider joining me at the beginning of September-October :) http://globetrooper.com/u-of-south-america-2014
CR2 Hi, are you planning to have a group of 12 or more? If yes, It would split into a good price for everyone. I am really interested in this trip Let me know if you get 11 other people.
waseem i would like to have a big group but till now i don't have anybody? yes i am too intersting
5 months ago
conquermentally Do you need help with anything friend?
Gaurav Hey! 26 year old from New York. Definitely something i am interested in. Let me now if this is happening!
Trip | Scandinavia 2014!
Travel Forum
9 months ago
Megan Phippen
Megan Phippen I'm 22 from Massachusetts. Just graduated college and bought a one way ticket to Copenhagen on July 14th. From there I'm planning on heading to Southern Norway and wanted to explore, also up toward the arctic circle. I am also looking for travel partners, I'm not sure how rigid your itinerary is, but let me know if you you're still looking for company.
6 months ago
CR2 How many people are you looking for in the group? If you get 20 or so the cost can be good? Let me know when you get a large group, is the cost per person? If not, then it can be divided up by 20 or so.
5 months ago
Jatin I am interested please contact me ! 919991779777
katiedid Think you might be anywhere in South America in August, 2014? Hope you're having a fantastic adventure!
snossi I am interested in this trip .. any more information
Yako02 Hello, I am interested in such experience. Are you still looking for travel partners?
kasia Have you started? I will be in La 15th of july and 31st of july i have to be in Phoenix, may I join?
Tiff Hey! This is just the kind of thing I'm looking to do and wondered if you had left yet?...I'm a 24 yr old from London that has always wanted to explore the states so if you haven't already left would be great to have a chat :)
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