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vinay Yeah, I am in, for the trip in 2017. Do get in touch- win_ay@rediffmail.com
Kush Sounds like fun! I'm in!! When are you planning!
Madhav Just saw your "Females only" comment. Let me know if you change your mind.
kait89 Are you still looking for people
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1 month ago
kait89 Are you still looking for people to travel with
Dushyanth s
Dushyanth s I'm very much into climbing and mountaineering, I've trained and already explored mountains, I have the training required, I'd love to join you guyz mail me, dushyanthstab@gmail.com Hope....
Ninanator I'm interested! PM me if you're still planning.
Ninanator Yes to all of the above.
Ninanator I did this back in August and it was by far one of my favorite trips! Started in Managua and rented a car, drove to Granada, then went to Omitepe, then to San Juan del Sur, did some volcano boarding in Leon, down back to Masachapa and back to Managua. Never paid more than $12 for a hostel and I would go back to each one. Let me know if you want more info! You'll have a blast!
Kyabella I'm very interested in your trip as I wanted to go to cape town also
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