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Kayla LowDog
Kayla LowDog hey guys! I'll be stationing myself in Paris from September ---> ?? I'd love to jump in the Italy portion of this, Portugal, Berlin, Italy....who is all actually going? I'm super flexible but just want to link up with some people, bounce hostel ideas off someone else. Have someone to walk with. I like to hitchhike, have no plans, and am talented in the art of wandering Europe.
Trip | European Holiday
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7 days ago
LeonJ87 I have always wanted to visit Costa Rica, not sure I can stay for 6 weeks but I would be willing to meet up to explore the time that I am there. Have you started your trip?
AUNG SITHU Hi Tia , i am from Myanmar. I will guiding you around in Myanmar during my country visit. just text me up. Cheers.
Dmitry Hi. I am going to visit Venice area for one week from 12th of August. Is it interested for you?
Dieded Dead
Dieded Dead I am interested. Ping me
2 weeks ago
NARENDER RANA Sir how much indian money want tell me the procedure how to do
asiantreks Indian rupee (INR)2,858,374/-approximately everest expedition cost 2018
2 weeks ago
Tom91 Hi! I'm flying out to Toronto on the 23rd of July and although I see you're planning on starting on the other side of the country, I'd be interested to hear the route you're taking with a view to perhaps meeting up on the Ontario leg?
chaitanya Guys I am traveller having free time in August. Any body wants to join me for a Trip to Leh Laddakh. Please inform.
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3 weeks ago
Aman Hello chaiyanaya, would like to join you In this trip. My contact no. Is 09691676257. Tell me your plans. ?
3 weeks ago
AZ Hey Y'all, I am looking for a travel buddy for a 1 week trip in Iceland. Plan is try to cover the entire ring road in a week, try to visit as many places as i can and just enjoy the nature. If anyone is gonna be in iceland during that time, give me a shout :D
Katsumi Soi
Katsumi Soi Hi, Are you living in Asia, and want t go to Europe? I want to suggest some, but I do not know what you are living
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