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emmy.ena Hey, I can help you with the itinerary and cost... but the budget you have allocated for the expedition is too low.. anyone who is interested can cotact me in sushmabasnet7@gmail.com... I shall confirm the dates in 2017 consulting all your time frame... Cheers
Natalie Hi I am looking to travel anywhere. I am hoping to go either mid/late May to early June or mid June to late June. I just found out I have some time off and really want to travel. I am thinking about being away for 10 days or so. Please let me know if you are looking for anyone to join. my email is naj0810@gmail.com
Natalie Hi can you email me and tell me more? I'd be happy to meet up for about 10 days and travel wherever you are. I just found out I have a lot of time off and don't want to waste it laying around the house! my email is naj0810@gmail.com I have nothing yet planned but I was hoping to do something in Costa Rica or Belize or Guatemala
Jason Would you be backpacking or staying in top/mid end hotels? If you want to backpack, let me know, would love to do it!
Trip | Gap year !!!!
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3 months ago
Michael Falbo
Michael Falbo I'm interested, can someone post a more specific itinerary?
RobinWalson Hi,I'm interested but which country are you talking about Europe has many country instead?
lydella Hi, my boyfriend and I would most definitely be interested in traveling with you. We have been planning a trip to Europe for months and we're finally set on spain. Malaga to be exact. But then we thought maybe we should go wit a group since we haven't traveled much. So the trip that you have planned can work for us!! Message me please
lydella Hi, My boyfriend and I are most definitely interested in traveling with you!
elodogg Hello, My friend and I are also going to Costa Rica around the same time and are interested in this trip. Have you planned any further?
Mahesh warang
Mahesh warang Hii guys i want to climb mount everest please select me i am ready for climbing everest in 2017.
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