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Olive Hello Ashley, Your trip sounds like so much fun! I would be interested in joining if you're still looking for people. Contact me: olivia-reilly94@hotmail.com
Olive hey, this trip sounds fun! Contact me: olivia-reilly94@hotmail.com if you're still looking for people to go with
benjohnson_23 Need some discussions about the passes please people?
akash contact me if you are still planning akashiitian@gmail.com
Trip | South America 2014
Travel Forum
2 weeks ago
abhay.gandhi Hey! I am planning to take the interail pass in July and August and travel across Europe. I dont have a fixed plan yet and am interested in meeting up other travelers during the trip. Drop me an email at abhay.rceg@gmail.com if you are interested ( 23, M , Graduate student currently on a gap year )
abhay.gandhi Hey! I am planning a very similar trip and looking for travel partners as well. Send me an email if you have further details about the trip: abhay.rceg@gmail.com
Trip | Interrail 2014
Travel Forum
2 weeks ago
erik hey! I am def interested in meeting up at one point :)! I am going to Europe from May 9-July 27. I just graduated and something I need to do haha. Friends bailed so going completely solo :P Be good to meet up with some people!
erik hey!! I am travelling Europe this summer as well. From may 9-July 27. I am interested at meeting up at one point! Let me know!
erik hey! Just posted a trip for Europe as well. Do you know what dates you are going? I am going may 9-july 27 if anyone is down to meet up at one point!
Vicktoria Hi everyone! Are you still looking for travel partners for your group? This is exactly what I had in mind:)!!
RWUgirl Hi! I have a small group going on facebook and we are developing a list on googledrive of all the places we want to go/see for now and we are also working on a route to take. Two of us are from the States and are planning to fly out from NYC starting in Ireland around June 15th since I finish work June 13th. if you are interested, let me know! The more, the merrier!
6 months ago
Jorge Helloo... how are you? I am also intereted in travel to Europe summer 2014...if you would like another partner let me know ( it seems you already have it planned) ... I would like to join you or hear your plans ... :)
4 months ago
Bobby RWHgirl, are you heading a group as well?? I just returned from Manchu Picchu and want to do Europe next... let me know if you have a plan and if I could join.
3 months ago
Niall Hey! How are you? I am looking to join trip this summer. If you are still looking for people, let me know! I would be keen.
3 weeks ago
Mon_V Hi, I am also interested in some travel partners for backpacking around Europe probably from June onwards - open ended at this stage and may at the end look to work in England. I'm an Aussie girl, 26! let me know your plans :)
2 weeks ago
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