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lydella Hi, my boyfriend and I would most definitely be interested in traveling with you. We have been planning a trip to Europe for months and we're finally set on spain. Malaga to be exact. But then we thought maybe we should go wit a group since we haven't traveled much. So the trip that you have planned can work for us!! Message me please
lydella Hi, My boyfriend and I are most definitely interested in traveling with you!
elodogg Hello, My friend and I are also going to Costa Rica around the same time and are interested in this trip. Have you planned any further?
Mahesh warang
Mahesh warang Hii guys i want to climb mount everest please select me i am ready for climbing everest in 2017.
Dieded Dead
Dieded Dead I am still waiting for response
qconover hey are you still planning this trip? -Quinn
Sandra Yes, I am, I may have to change the dates but I still will do it.
6 months ago
Moose hello
4 months ago
Callel im going over there april 9-16, and I have family but no one to travel around with me
4 months ago
Callel lmao, I just realized that I read your dates wrong . my bad
4 months ago
Tom.Sichel Hello! Im thinking on doing a trip across Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. im thinking on making this trip between March and May. We should start talking and make plan of some sort :) Do you have a couch surfing account? its much easier to for me to communicate on that.
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5 months ago
juliav HI there, im fully new to this website so im not sure how it works haha but I'm very interested in traveling to south east Asia as well. definitely love to explore new landscapes cultures and food!
omar Hi.. also I am planning a trip around Malaysia _Singapore_ Indonesia_Thailand, for as cheap as possible.I'm looking for anyone with similar interests to travel with Me. omaribr78@gmail.com i am student and now living in Malaysia
3 months ago
kpnuts Hey Zoe I'm also in the Uk and aiming to go to Asia around the same time as you. Open to all ideas and dive into the culture there
omar hi > we have the same think
3 months ago
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