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Tom.Sichel I plan on doing a trip to Bolivia, Peru, Chile and then Argentina from march to may. Let me know if your interested in that :)
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3 months ago
Justin I'm looking to go to Budapest and Prague this summer. August would work for me, I'd be coming from the States.
warren Hi, I paddled the entire length of the zambezi in 2009/2010, unsupported, including the Angolan section which has to date stopped other attempts. i paddled a total of 3500km in 77 days using sea kayaks. one issue i would like to warn you about is crocs. we had many close encounters with them especially on the lower sections of the river in mozambique and zimbabwe. i consider myself very fortunate to have made the sea at chinde in one piece it was so bad! if you need any help/info let me know. rgds warren willis
1000 Mile Journeys
1000 Mile Journeys Hi Warren Thanks for the info. I will get in touch for a chat. We are in rafts so crocs are not as bad as when you are in a kayak but they are still bad!
3 years ago
warren warrenhwillis@aol.com
3 months ago
aisha Hi... i will be on Philipines and Vietnã in February/2015. My itinerary is: São Paulo 12/2/2015 Adis Adeba 2/13/2015 Bangkok 2/14/2015 Hanoi 2/15/2015 Halong Bay 2/16/2015 Hanoi 2/17/2015 Hoi An 2/18/2015 Hoi An-Da Nang 2/19/2015 Ho Chi Min 2/20/2015 Ho Chi Min 2/21/2015 Boracay 2/22/2015 Boracay 2/23/2015 Boracay 2/24/2015 Puerto Princesa 2/25/2015 El Nido 2/26/2015 El Nido 2/27/2015 El Nido 2/28/2015 Coron 3/1/2015 Coron 3/2/2015 Coron 3/3/2015 Bangkok 3/4/2015
Shanki I'm looking forward for more details on this expedition...
Swan Hi Jen, I am sure you are doing well. I'm interested. What are your plans? Which places you want to visit?
Beccagoldman I would love to hear more about your plans-- I am 18 and looking to backpack Europe before hearing to college in the fall
EmilyM Hi, I'd be interested in joining the Thailand to Cambodia leg of your trip. Do you have a rough idea of when you will be arriving in those countries? Emily
EmilyM I'm looking for travel companions to travel to SE Asia with as well! Emily
Trip | 4 months Asia
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3 months ago
qconover hey are you still planning this trip? -Quinn
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