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mustaf hey there I am arriving on the 24th of July, can I join you?
Trip | CALIFORNIA roadtrip
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10 months ago
Dharmendra Yadav
Dharmendra Yadav Kindly arrange for me I m desperately waiting for that moment
samuraibutter Hey I'm not sure when you posted this but if it's still happening I'd love to join you for the first month or two. I could fly out to wherever you are and accompany the beginning of the voyage, and depending on how long you're sailing and how my schooling goes maybe I could hop on for the end. Just let me know!
Trip | Around the World
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2 years ago
Stephane Same here. The trip looks like it already started but I would be very happy to join part way.
11 months ago
Stephane Hi Warren, 2019-2020 is a little far when you're 25 but I definitely want to do a RTW sailing trip and your trip sounds like a great opportunity to do so! Please keep me posted about this trip. I'm not sure where you are in the US but if you plan smaller trips before then, I'll be interested in joining and that could be a chance to meet :)
MILIND yes .i m always reedy me and my wife 08433775392
nserrano Hello, Im planning on doing the same trip but in late September. It would be nice to hear your experience and hear some tips! Have a wonderful trip!
nserrano Hello!! I hope you are enjoying your tip!! Im planning to do the exact same journey but starting in september. I moved to Punta del Este about a month ago and Im very excited to get to know all South America. Im wondering if you could help me out and give me some tips for my trip since our timings dont match. Im also looking for a kombi!
HellotheregorJess I'd love to go with you!
KaranJ Let me know if someone has serious plan. Count me in. 8383061636
Parul i want to climb the mt everst
sankalpavirjaan Hey sanjay can I join you
11 months ago
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