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Brit hey Corina! i'm super interested in what all you've got in mind for your adventure :) i'm trying to travel southeast asia from late january through mid-april, with a good balance of backpacking & volunteering maybe 2-3 weeks in each region... anyway i'm pretty much down for anything so let me know your thoughts!
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5 months ago
Lorenzo Hi ! I'm Lorenzo and I book a plane ticket from 17 January to 6 March to Singapore. I intending to visit Malaysia and Indonesia. I will be glad to travel with you. My Facebook is Lorenzo Holidayforever. Please contact me to talk.
Addison Hey! I've been backpacking Central/South America for the past 11 months and am looking to join a road trip for Patagonia. I'm all about the outdoors! I'm in Córdoba, Argentina now - where are you?
Katarzyna Hi! I'm planning trip to Asia and Indonesia in January 2017, what is the status of your trip :)?
Katarzyna Hi Guys! I'm looking to travel to Indonesia and Southern Asia, starting in January 2017, please let me know what is the status of your trip :)
Katarzyna Hi! I decided to take half year break and would love to hear more about your plan! I like the idea of volunteering and small jobs, I'm available from 2nd January :) Are you still looking for travel partner?
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6 months ago
Dullz I'm really interested , but how can i contact ya to settle down everything ??
samuraibutter Hey I'm not sure when you posted this but if it's still happening I'd love to join you for the first month or two. I could fly out to wherever you are and accompany the beginning of the voyage, and depending on how long you're sailing and how my schooling goes maybe I could hop on for the end. Just let me know!
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6 months ago
Mvaldes I'd love to join you for a week or so. I live in Michigan. Or u could come see Michigan which I highly recommend and I'll travel west with you for a ways.
AMY21 Hi! I'm wondering how the travel is going. I am also from Michigan. I would be interested in travel west!!
6 months ago
Violetta Hi, I'm planning to visit Brasil as well, dates to define and flexible, period January-February. I might have a connection in Rio to be confirmed, but being on my own for most of the time, so I would really like to travel together with other people. Happy as well to do Carnival in Rio. Violetta
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