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kasia Have you started? I will be in La 15th of july and 31st of july i have to be in Phoenix, may I join?
Tiff Hey! This is just the kind of thing I'm looking to do and wondered if you had left yet?...I'm a 24 yr old from London that has always wanted to explore the states so if you haven't already left would be great to have a chat :)
cibi Karthic
cibi Karthic hey guys!. I'm gonna be in brazil for the second semi final (7th till 11th july. Sao Paolo) and finals (11th till 17th Rio).Anyone gonna be there around that time?
RikkeRaben Hey girl, it sounds like you are looking for the same kind of interrail as I am. Are you still looking for travel partners? Feel free to contact me.
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3 months ago
Natasha Not sure if this is still I thing but if you guys are in Chile by now please wait for me! hahah. I'm planning on starting my trip in July by first heading to Chile and then making my way to Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil. Please let me know!
Alex Carrasquedo
Alex Carrasquedo Works for me. I might be around Florida those dates. Im starting on september this year on México.
Natasha Hey! I'm guessing you guys are already in Brazil. Sooo psyched for tomorrow! I plan on leaving for Chile at the beginning of July and going around South America afterwards. Lmk where you guys are at to meet up! :D
Caio Silva
Caio Silva heyy whats up , I am planning something nice but probaly will take more than 1 year but idk maybe you are interested, I will be leaving florida in july 15 heading to brazil wich is my country with a rv or a regular car idk yet. And then africa , europe and asia.
Jibran hi there. i would be interested,, thanks
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7 months ago
AmiyF Hi! This is so funny - i just made a trip my self and wrote the same about "the culture, the food , the people" :) Im going on an interrail as well starting in Denmark start of august. It would be fun at least to ride a long for a while. A
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4 months ago
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