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ChynaBlain I know I'm late but are you still around to maybe meet up!
flyboytravels http://flyboytravels.paycationonline.com/index.asp
flyboytravels I am currently residing in Belize as a certifed travel agent. Belize is a nice country i hope you get the person you are looking for.if you are in need of assistance you can contact me on musicfilife20@hotmail.com or visit my website to book your flights and hotels. thanks for your time
Alejandro Savedra
Alejandro Savedra im interesing, my email jechuy.alex22@gmail.com
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3 weeks ago
Crisara Hi everyone! I'm from the Philippines and it is really my passion to travel and know a lot from cultures around the globe! So as it's my pleasure sharing ours! Hope to join with you around! :)
Isaac Hi there, just wondering if you had set off yet/ where you have got. I am planning on doing a very similar thing in a few months after cycling LeJoG in the summer and loving it!
lolcats this seems like a great idea! any idea on the type of accommodation?
Sacha Hi Alix Jakes, maybe the Interrail Global Pass is an idea? With this pass, you can travel throughout Europe by train for a certain amount of days and it's relatively cheap. You can travel to different countries and cities. You should check it out, at www.interrail.eu
1 month ago
alexdans Hi Jake! I'd love to take a gap year too, but I can't so instead I'll be traveling in Southeast Asia in the summer, so if you're there I could use a travel companion
Jaws20 Same exact situation! Are you still planning to do this trip? I am planning to go for 2 months. Let me know if you are still looking for people to go with.
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1 month ago
Dan4992 Hi Jake I'm really interested but wouldn't be available until march, I have same interests but would like to work towards aussy. I am from the UK too so if you haven't gone already we could plan something?
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