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Ankitzsh Can I tag along, if you guys haven't started it yet. I am from India
Rahul Sounds good... where exactly are you looking at going.. i did a quite trip across 2 years ago...
zouhair U can contact me here zouhairallali@live.fr
acg5211 Where are you looking to go when you get to Australia, have any interests going to Africa and exploring? My three main places on my list are Australia, Africa, and South America. I have done a lot of Europe and that gets very expensive.
Trip | THE trip
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1 month ago
fabien28 Sound Interesting, i was just thinking of visiting few cities in germany but maybe i could share a part of you're trip, when do you think you will stop in germany ?
Hollie14 I am in my second year at University too! Would love to go travelling, anytime between the end of July-September :)
Trip | Interrailing
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2 months ago
Jason Would you be backpacking or staying in top/mid end hotels? If you want to backpack, let me know, would love to do it!
Trip | Gap year !!!!
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3 months ago
RobinWalson Hi,I'm interested but which country are you talking about Europe has many country instead?
lydella Hi, My boyfriend and I are most definitely interested in traveling with you!
Ddaley29 Hey Athena, I'm planning a similar trip to backpack around Europe this summer. I haven't set a date or thing in stone yet, but I would love to be able to talk to someone about planning or even finding a partner to go with. Shoot me a private message or just comment back here. Hope to hear from you soon, Derek
Ddaley29 <a href="http://globetrooper.com/3-months-through-europe-2015"><img alt="3 months through Europe" src="http://globetrooper.com/image-generator/trip-promo?image=http%3A%2F%2Fglobetrooper.com%2Fuploads%2Fimage-assets%2Fd94c1791e4962be9490d8e076411fe01d7f33442.jpg" /></a>
3 months ago
Ddaley29 I attached a link to my trip if you would want to take a look at it.
3 months ago
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