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Olive Hello Ashley, Your trip sounds like so much fun! I would be interested in joining if you're still looking for people. Contact me: olivia-reilly94@hotmail.com
Olive hey, this trip sounds fun! Contact me: olivia-reilly94@hotmail.com if you're still looking for people to go with
Ahmed Hi, I'm going to Italy & Greece in late May for 10 days or so and I thought maybe I could join you there. If you're interested and you know when you will be in Italy or Greece please let me know.
Steiny awesome! I'll be trying to be there around the 25th-26th and stay until mid june. when will you be there?
5 days ago
Ahmed great! I'll be there from 21/22 till the end of the month.
3 days ago
Ahmed did you booked or not yet?
16 hours ago
benjohnson_23 Need some discussions about the passes please people?
abhay.gandhi Hey! I am planning to take the interail pass in July and August and travel across Europe. I dont have a fixed plan yet and am interested in meeting up other travelers during the trip. Drop me an email at abhay.rceg@gmail.com if you are interested ( 23, M , Graduate student currently on a gap year )
abhay.gandhi Hey! I am planning a very similar trip and looking for travel partners as well. Send me an email if you have further details about the trip: abhay.rceg@gmail.com
Trip | Interrail 2014
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4 days ago
KayeYatta I wanna meet up and do this! Check out my profile and let me know what you think :)
Trip | Europe interrail
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3 months ago
hennashakoor I am also looking to travel around inter ailing for the whole of August, but like you i have boring friends not up for a laugh!. I am also on a budget but i think that can be part of the fun. let me know what your plans are maybe we can get a group together :)
5 days ago
erik hey! I am def interested in meeting up at one point :)! I am going to Europe from May 9-July 27. I just graduated and something I need to do haha. Friends bailed so going completely solo :P Be good to meet up with some people!
erik hey!! I am travelling Europe this summer as well. From may 9-July 27. I am interested at meeting up at one point! Let me know!
Vicktoria Hi everyone! Are you still looking for travel partners for your group? This is exactly what I had in mind:)!!
RWUgirl Hi! I have a small group going on facebook and we are developing a list on googledrive of all the places we want to go/see for now and we are also working on a route to take. Two of us are from the States and are planning to fly out from NYC starting in Ireland around June 15th since I finish work June 13th. if you are interested, let me know! The more, the merrier!
6 months ago
Jorge Helloo... how are you? I am also intereted in travel to Europe summer 2014...if you would like another partner let me know ( it seems you already have it planned) ... I would like to join you or hear your plans ... :)
4 months ago
Bobby RWHgirl, are you heading a group as well?? I just returned from Manchu Picchu and want to do Europe next... let me know if you have a plan and if I could join.
3 months ago
Niall Hey! How are you? I am looking to join trip this summer. If you are still looking for people, let me know! I would be keen.
2 weeks ago
Mon_V Hi, I am also interested in some travel partners for backpacking around Europe probably from June onwards - open ended at this stage and may at the end look to work in England. I'm an Aussie girl, 26! let me know your plans :)
1 week ago
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