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Cytokine I'm in. Let me know the details. I'm an ER doc so if someone gets sick I may help plus I'm good with Spanish so we can cover Latin America or Spainor both
Cytokine I'm just working like 8 days a month in the US so I can go back and forth without problem
Cytokine I'm in., Ill have a lot of time after June 31st
Bex Sounds like a fantastic trip would love to join you, what are your plans? Or just going to see what happens :)
Kavin Hi is it north side or what
vishal kumar choudhary
vishal kumar choudhary i too want to go
Teddy Rankyn
Teddy Rankyn Hey this trip sounds good. Most definitely interested in joining you. I'm from Trinidad btw.
Glory hi! were n when is your next trip?
Tamara hey, i am planning a trip to ireland! care to join?
Ashleigh Hi! I'm looking to be in South East Asia in Jan/Feb of 2015, it would be great to meet some new people to travel around with if you're around the area too!
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Which mountain's summit is furthest from the Earth's core?

Trivia: Which mountain's summit is furthest from the Earth's core?