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ARV Heya ! Karthik. Nice to meet you pal. I am Aravind, an Indian guy living in Australia. I am having the dream of climbing everest for which am starting my strengthening from 2016 Jan. I am ohk for climbing in 2018. Not sure about '17 though. I have few of my frnz who are gonna train with me as well. It might be around 3-4 people who are ready to climb. It would be really good if we get in touch and decide further. Contact me @ apollach@deakin.edu.au
Neeraj Joshi
Neeraj Joshi I dont know how to climb but i m interested to climb mount everest
Abe Mate, interested in the trip...please give more info
Sasha I've always wanted to go to china though always imagined it will cost a lot to grasp a full experience....will you be able to survive for that long on 2k? I'm more for a improvisation guy too!
Trip | Improvising in China
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2 months ago
kekemg If you haven't already left, I would like to come with you on this trip
kekemg I'm wanting to do the same thing as you, I am located in the US and would love to start planning with you if you're interested
Tgs Bro just give us ur contact details so that v can talk
Dee Hey, I plan to be hiking in those countries June to August and would be keen to do part or all. I wanted to visit Altai mountains as well so maybe join you for part of the trip. cheers Dee
mosaicmoth Would you be interested in traveling to other countries in SE Asia as well? This trip plan looks great to me :)
Trip | 4 months Asia
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11 months ago
Kayla Hi ladies, I believe we are all in the same boat. I would love to travel all around SE Asia but are you set on your dates and Denise have you purchased your tickets? -kayla
11 months ago
Sue Hello girls, I am on the verge of booking a month long plan with a travel company. I wonder if you guys have already started. I cant spare 4 months but I want to do Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Bhutan, Bali. Any thoughts?
3 months ago
Arjun Pothagani
Arjun Pothagani where is the starting ....?
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