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Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav is this guided? and can you share what all training and fitness level needed. or ur fb page u can share.
gaurav chaudhary
gaurav chaudhary please share to detail plan @ gauravch4469@hotmail.com
ladyju02 Hi! I'm taking a gap yeay in 2017. Take a look at my trip and let me know if it's something you will be interested! Looking forward to hear from you! :) http://globetrooper.com/rtw-trip-of-a-lifetime-2017
traveladdict(sam) I would like to spend some time is south america have you been?
aky Check my trip out, maybe we can travel certain parts of the world together.
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1 year ago
Anang Is it true? I think it is impossible to climb Everest in 500k. If so please share the detailed plan. Thanks.
Vijay i'll love to join you if its possible.... how will you manage to summit Mt. Everest in just 5,00,000 INR.... i think in this amount we will not even get climbing permit from Nepal Government... Do u have any sponsorship ?
Jaydevsinh Please send me details of trip at jaydevsinh0707@gmail.com I am so interesting mount everest climbing
rizwan Please send me details of trip at rizwan.hm25@gmail.com i am interested...
Alejandro Savedra
Alejandro Savedra im interesing, my email jechuy.alex22@gmail.com
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1 year ago
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