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Caroline Count me in - please email me - carolineslabber71@gmail.com
judit Hey guys, are you still planning to go? I would love to join you somewhere in Australia or Malaysia,Indonesia end of dec/early Jan ...It would be great.
Sandy761982 I will be interested , Mail me details on ghare761982@gmail.com
Chola I like to join the trip. reach me on rcholaraja@gmail.com
Anastasia YOu have to visit Niemodlin Castle http://polishcastle.uk/
ARV Heya ! Karthik. Nice to meet you pal. I am Aravind, an Indian guy living in Australia. I am having the dream of climbing everest for which am starting my strengthening from 2016 Jan. I am ohk for climbing in 2018. Not sure about '17 though. I have few of my frnz who are gonna train with me as well. It might be around 3-4 people who are ready to climb. It would be really good if we get in touch and decide further. Contact me @ apollach@deakin.edu.au
Neeraj Joshi
Neeraj Joshi I dont know how to climb but i m interested to climb mount everest
Abe Mate, interested in the trip...please give more info
Tgs Bro just give us ur contact details so that v can talk
Arjun Pothagani
Arjun Pothagani where is the starting ....?
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Trivia: This flag represents which country?