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lilphilupt Hello to all group travel organizers i have a question for you guys , how can i become a group travel organizer ? i read the intro course from the site called writeyourownticket but the guys full course is $495 and i cant afford right now do anybody know any sites i can get info on becoming a group travel organizer?
Region | Greater Asia Travel Forum 8 years ago
marakaki05 Hello, I was looking for one or two people to join a tour I am going on in Tibet. Its an 8 day trip starting on July 24th. The tour ends on the border of Tibet and Nepal. IF you are interested please let me know by email so I can forward you more information. If we can find one or two more people to join the cost of tour would be cut down by 100 USD. My email address is marakaki05@live.com
Region | Greater Asia Travel Forum 8 years ago

ayammama Looking for partners for 3-4wks Central Asia/Xinjiang Trip from Mid-Aug

hi, we're a Singaporean couple in the 30s. as we are short on time this trip, we are getting local central asia agents to help us arrange the following trip and are looking for folks to join us. the details as follow...

Trip: starting around mid-Aug, from Tashkent
- Uzbekistan (4 days): Bakhara and Samarkand

- Tajikistan (abt 7days): Samarkand -> Pendjikent -> Dushanbe -> Khorag -> Murghab
(via Wakhan corridor n visits to Afghan Bazaar)

- Kyrgyzstan (2 days): Murghab -> Kyzyl-Art Pass -> Sary Tash -> Irkeshtam Pass -> Kashgar

- China (abt 10 days): Kashgar -> Karakul Lake -> Yarkend -> Khotan -> Urumqi -> Turpan -> Urumqi -> Home
(incl Taklimakan Camel/Desert trek from Khotan)

folks joining us for part/full are welcomed.

Email: rangota@yahoo.com

Region | Greater Asia Travel Forum 8 years ago
chester I'm also thinking of going on a trip to Xinjiang (Kashgar -> Karakul Lake -> Yarkend -> Khotan -> Urumqi -> Turpan -> Urumqi etc) but not until October :(
8 years ago
Todd Hi all, I'm really eager to climb Ama Dablam sometime in the next three years (it's even at the top of my bucket list - http://globetrooper.com/trooper/todd). So I'm looking for anyone interested in developing their mountaineering skills. I'm not sure of the best path, but maybe a 10-day technical course in Alaska, then Aconcagua in Argentina, then Mont Blanc in France, and then finally Ama Dablam. Anyone interested?
Region | Greater Asia Travel Forum 8 years ago
comehikewithmike I recommend the courses at AMS. It's a stunning environment to 'learn the ropes' - excuse the pun. Here's a link to the 12-day technical course. http://www.climbalaska.org/mtc-12day.html
8 years ago
vagabond You guys are giving me shivers just talking about it. Give me a hot desert, jungle or city any day.
8 years ago
Vanessa Todd when are you thinking of doing the technical course in Alaska? Depending on timelne might be able to join!
8 years ago
Todd There are a few options for this: Alaska, France, Colorado, BC (Canada), NZ, etc. The Alaskan Mountaineering School has quite a reputation (and plenty of training ground). France may be the second best option combining the mountaineering course with a summit of Mont Blanc.
8 years ago
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