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Lourdes Hi!! I'd love to do it! But I can't until late 2017.. I'm only 18 and I've to work first.. If you like I'm available
Rhiannon Me too I'd love to sail around the word on a gap year but can only start around August this year. I'm planning to start off in Australia
24 hours ago
_breaking_the_habit Hi there, that sounds fun. Drop me a message if you are still looking for people . Steph
Hanssell Mendoza
Hanssell Mendoza Hola Melanie, es un gusto saludarte. Soy de Guatemala y vivo en Ciudad Capital. Estoy interesado en realizar el recorrido de Guatemala = Argentina pero a inicios del otro año. Las fechas que tienes previstas son fijas o aun estas viendo cuando comenzar?
traveladdict(sam) Max, it's a shame you're trip is so short! You sound like a great bunch. Maybe we can meet in the states I'm doing a 3 month USA road trip over the summer and we can all plan a future trip I feel for the girl in your group lol
traveladdict(sam) Hi Margaux :) I would like to join you I hitchhike Europe so I have experience.
traveladdict(sam) Sounds fun I'd like to meet you :)
traveladdict(sam) I would like to spend some time is south america have you been?
AdventureMax Hi guys! I have a few other people already committed to going. All in our 20's. 3 guys one girl. Hope to hear from you! Cheers
Mark Are you still looking to take this trip ? I'm also planning to go to S. America and walk and explore . I am from England but I speak a little spanish (not great) . Lmk if you are still looking for people
Ana I want travel To south América too? But i can since 1 june. Are You still looking ?
3 weeks ago
akon47 I am looking for travel buddies for south/central america around the same time too.I am looking at Costa Rica, but, open for other places too. And I can go only upto 10 days.
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