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Cytokine I'm in. Let me know the details. I'm an ER doc so if someone gets sick I may help plus I'm good with Spanish so we can cover Latin America or Spainor both
Cytokine I'm just working like 8 days a month in the US so I can go back and forth without problem
Cytokine I'm in., Ill have a lot of time after June 31st
Angie I'm definitely interested in going! November works better, aeromexico has good deals to san jose right now.
Angie sorry I meant November works better for me!! :) I love all of costa ricas adventurous side!! Also the weather should be better at that time as well!
1 month ago
Angie does the 21st of oct work for you? I will be in Haiti next week please let me know soon! Thanks!
1 month ago
Debora Duarte
Debora Duarte I just booked my flight! going from 6 nov to 11 nov! I'm going with 2 friends. you're welcome to join us :)
4 weeks ago
Bex Sounds like a fantastic trip would love to join you, what are your plans? Or just going to see what happens :)
Giani Hi. I am with you. Please contact me or add me to whatsapp 809-763-0921. I am planning to go to south América de exact same days.
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2 months ago
Glory hi! were n when is your next trip?
Tamara hey, i am planning a trip to ireland! care to join?
SissyFoot I want to do this same low budget trip once I finish my degree (starting next summer 2015). So obviously I cannot hop on your tour starting in Jan, but I would love to connect and get your process on logistics and planning for the trip! There are so many blogs and ideas out there to sift through and would love some advice. Please email me (Kristen.m.whitney@gmail.com)
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