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elodogg Hello, My friend and I are also going to Costa Rica around the same time and are interested in this trip. Have you planned any further?
Maria Camila Corredor
Maria Camila Corredor Hi! I am Camila, I'm 20 and I'm born in Colombia, my level english is basic haha but I understand.. I want travel to Costa Rica, so.. let me know if I will can travel with you :)
Kirsty Hey! I am Kirsty also 20 and a student from the Uk. I'm really interested in this trip- I have always wanted to travel Costa Rica! Would be great if you could keep me updated too :)
Enrique I'm in.. Keep me updated., Im fluent in Spanish as well btw
SamiSonks Hello! I am interested in going to Costa Rica for some time during the summer. I speak English and Spanish. Maybe we can connect? -Sami
Mollie Hey! Check out my trip and tell me what you think? Maybe start in Argentina??
Trip | Round The World 2015
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5 months ago
Tom.Sichel I plan on going to Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina between march and may. let me know if you want to do some sort of trip. if you have a couch surfing account that would be an easier way of communicating.
rich Hey Melanie, I think I'll likely be in South America around the same time. I'll be in other parts of Asia and Africa until then. I was thinking about Argentina and maybe Chile, and possibly Brazil. Keep me updated...
rich Scratch that, moreso around December '15.
6 months ago
GlobalTravelHemant Hei, just came across this New Year’s Eve Celebration party with “Unlimited Beverages”. Well, would you be in Bahrain on 31st December? https://www.facebook.com/RameeHotelsBahrain/photos/a.748399841894624.1073741828.731656336902308/781370421930899/?type=1
Jen Hi, How is your trip going? Where will you be in Feb?
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