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flyboytravels I am currently residing in Belize as a certifed travel agent. Belize is a nice country i hope you get the person you are looking for.if you are in need of assistance you can contact me on musicfilife20@hotmail.com or visit my website to book your flights and hotels. thanks for your time
Alejandro Savedra
Alejandro Savedra im interesing, my email jechuy.alex22@gmail.com
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4 months ago
Sweetpea Hi, I am trying to persuade Journey Latin America to run a 3/4 week trip round Brazil after the Olympics starting 21st August 2016 to cover Iguaccu, Pantanal, Lencois Maranhenses, Chapada Diamantina (all the big national parks) as well as Salvador Brasilia etc. Need 6 people minimum to run the bespoke tour. Not cheap but get to see nearly all the Unesco sites in Brazil in safety with guide... approx £4k. Anyone interested?
Eric Yo lo quiero hacer, pero en el 2017 cuando termine la facultad. Y todo en autostop, o al menos el 90% Por lo pronto te deseo suerte Soy argentino y mi correo es endzanotti@hotmail.com
alexdans Hey Julia!! I'd love to take of and discover the world too, but I can't so instead I'll be traveling in Southeast Asia in the summer, so if you're there I could use a travel companion
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5 months ago
Devesh Can you please send me more details or your contact information on devgolani@gmail.com
Madhav Just saw your "Females only" comment. Let me know if you change your mind.
Ready if you have plan to see ancient monasteries and magnificent Nile fall in Ethiopia and many others ybanteamlak@gmail.com
Andy Fossaroli
Andy Fossaroli Hi, Chloe, I´m very interested in your plan, I send you a message.
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6 months ago
judit Hey guys, are you still planning to go? I would love to join you somewhere in Australia or Malaysia,Indonesia end of dec/early Jan ...It would be great.
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7 months ago
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