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Justin This sounds like the trip of a life time, I've read book about this and always wanted to do something similar
Ally Interested in Spain this June?
bandi If you are looking for help with a trip to Sri Lanka, let me know! https://www.facebook.com/BackpackinginSriLankawithalocalhost I will organize a very cheap backpacking experience for you, we are not a business. I love my country and wanna show it to the world!
bandi hi there, any plans to visit sri lanka?
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2 years ago
WayTooMuchHutch Sounds fun, I had a honda ct90 growing up.
Alex Carrasquedo
Alex Carrasquedo Ahhhhh!!! Sounds exciting! I will start backpacking southamerica on the end of 2014/beginning 2015 and i got flexible time and routes. It would be awesome to do it this way. Please keep me updated.
Mon_V Hey there, I too am interested in this type of trip. I'm open to locations but really just looking to leave in June 2014 and see more of the world. I too am open to working and want to stay at cheap accom with an active trip. I'm from Sydney and would like to hear more of what you have planned. Cheers
JustAGirlWhoLovesToTravel Hey there! Are you planning to go around Latin America? Check my trip out - http://globetrooper.com/exoctic-tour-of-south-america-on-a-very-non-exotic-budget-2014
2 years ago
JustAGirlWhoLovesToTravel Hey there! Your trip sounds fun! I am planning to travel around Latin America for 4 months. Starting in July/August. http://globetrooper.com/exoctic-tour-of-south-america-on-a-very-non-exotic-budget-2014 Let me know if you are keen?
JustAGirlWhoLovesToTravel Hey Kylie! I will be in the Bay area around the same too and plan to travel around South America and Central America after. Although, my travels will only last around 5 months in Latin America.
Alib this sounds awesome! i would love to join you guys.
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Which island nation in the Indian Ocean produces almost 10 percent of the world's tea?

Trivia: Which island nation in the Indian Ocean produces almost 10 percent of the world's tea?