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Jack Miller
Jack Miller I land in New York mid September, I'd love to visit some of the iconic places in America..
shegzyvic i am so much interested in partnering with you. so how do we hook up or meet? send me a mail to shegzyvic@ymail.com to discuss more about this
Trip | RTW
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4 years ago
Tatiana Hello :) I'm a 27 year old portuguese girl living in France I am also aiming to travelling for some months starting January 2017. And would love some company. (: I still don't have anything defined but your plan sounds great.
munyirwa osman
munyirwa osman Hello everyone. when you get to East Africa,i am avaliable to help you out. i am in uganda and there are alot of beautiful natural wildlife activities to do.
kalpesh Hey, I am planning to visit North India and looking for partners. Let me know if you would be interested.
Alex Wehden
Alex Wehden i can only come along from the start of august dont know how that works with you x
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1 month ago
solosasha I will be in France in mid july through october. want to plan a week to meet up?
Lori I'm going to travel mozambique and Swaziland from johannesburg in mid June for a few weeks of you'd like to join:)
Cherie Kihato
Cherie Kihato HI, I'd love to come on this trip. :)
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2 months ago
Alexamonique I'm not post grad , bug I will be happy to join
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