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aky I am planning on travelling through Europe, turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India and finally finish in Bangladesh where my parents are from. let me know if your interested.
munyirwa osman
munyirwa osman Hello everybody my humble request is that when you get to East Africa in Uganda am ready to help you out wit transport,guiding,booking.
6 months ago
cayskelton I am so intrigued by this. Id love to know more about the self defense intructors you mentioned, ive always wanted to dedicate time to self defense training. Currently in Goa and looking to make a move, switch up the pace of life and do something different. Also love cycling, would you be renting the bikes?
_breaking_the_habit Do you have an itinerary for this trip? I would be interested in a desert challenge but not so much 4x4 rides or self defence
6 months ago
Daniel - KMG
Daniel - KMG Hey, for more information about this trip please send any question to me at: admin@krav-maga.com I will be happy to assist you in any way!
6 months ago
aky Check my trip out, maybe we can travel certain parts of the world together.
Trip | RTW
Travel Forum
7 months ago
Sarah327327 Interested
Trip | Brother and Sister
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8 months ago
Alejandro Savedra
Alejandro Savedra im interesing, my email jechuy.alex22@gmail.com
Trip | RTW
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9 months ago
Crisara Hi everyone! I'm from the Philippines and it is really my passion to travel and know a lot from cultures around the globe! So as it's my pleasure sharing ours! Hope to join with you around! :)
Isaac Hi there, just wondering if you had set off yet/ where you have got. I am planning on doing a very similar thing in a few months after cycling LeJoG in the summer and loving it!
alexdans Hi Jake! I'd love to take a gap year too, but I can't so instead I'll be traveling in Southeast Asia in the summer, so if you're there I could use a travel companion
Dan4992 Hi Jake I'm really interested but wouldn't be available until march, I have same interests but would like to work towards aussy. I am from the UK too so if you haven't gone already we could plan something?
raleighdm2 Hi Jake! I am currently studying in Shanghai and looking for a travel buddy during my winter break (roughly Jan 1-Feb 20). I am planning on exploring more of China and possibly Japan, Phillipines or Taiwan, since I will be visiting the rest of S.E. Asia at another point. If you are interested in possibly beginning in China before moving on, I could use a travel partner! I even speak Chinese ;)
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