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Dieded Dead
Dieded Dead Why wont you pm me? i really want to join you. Fuck this, i'll make my own rtw with hookers and blackjack!
melanie This sounds so cool! Check out my trip plans and let me know if you'd want to travel together :)
shannon2632 I'm looking into traveling RTW as well as a gap year between high school and college (Summer 2015-Summer 2016). We should keep in touch!
melanie Hey! Go check out the RTW gap year trip I created and let me know if you would be interested! I think we have pretty similar plans!
1 year ago
Ally Interested in Spain this June?
bandi hi there, any plans to visit sri lanka?
Trip | RTW
Travel Forum
2 years ago
Mon_V Hey there, I too am interested in this type of trip. I'm open to locations but really just looking to leave in June 2014 and see more of the world. I too am open to working and want to stay at cheap accom with an active trip. I'm from Sydney and would like to hear more of what you have planned. Cheers
JustAGirlWhoLovesToTravel Hey there! Are you planning to go around Latin America? Check my trip out - http://globetrooper.com/exoctic-tour-of-south-america-on-a-very-non-exotic-budget-2014
2 years ago
Lbells I'm interested! Looking to take my first long RTW trip during this same timeframe (although I'm thinking closer to 6mths vs 12). With wwoofing I may be able to extend if further! Let me know how planning is going,
Josh Hey I'm Josh 26 sounds fun I'm not rich so would have to know how much it will cost.
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2 years ago
anitalove Hi, my name is Miss Anita Smith, i saw your profile which looks nice to me and i am interested to have good relationship with you. I will tell you more about me and send my pictures to you as soon as you reply to my email. anita.smaith99@hotmail.com I will be waiting for your mail soon. Yours Sincerely Anita.
Dieded Dead
Dieded Dead Getting your attention. i am a cyclist. Just so you know i travel light and have some experience. I have basic eletrical and mechanical skill. Just so you know , i am interested. I can travel around the world solo without money but where is the fun in that? Journey are meant to be meaningful. Lets go because time aint with us!
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