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freedom wanted
freedom wanted I have dreams for the same trip. but i have to wait for 16 years tell it can happen. got to get the yongest out the house. I have recently started putting money to the side that i will not touch unless it for a sailboat. not sure what type of boat to get yet. I cant wait to see how things pan out for you and how you get it done. I will be following you on this so please keep this updated. I guess you can say im living threw you until I can get my own stuff togather. Good Luck!
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1 year ago
shegzyvic i am so much interested in partnering with you. so how do we hook up or meet? send me a mail to shegzyvic@ymail.com to discuss more about this
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1 year ago
benxcski I'll be in the stans mid may- mid july, with a mountain bike. Feel free to contact me if you want to ride one-way
ly What an awesome trip! Egypt should improve by the time you get there. I've had to cancel that portion from my trip. I'll be climbing Kilimanjaro next month.
Kesh lemme know if you're planning to visit the small but beautiful island in Indian ocean, Sri Lanka. i will join with you.
wildguy sounds fun you plan on working in every place to get funds for the next destination if so i am all for it i want to get away from the citty
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2 years ago
kairu hey, is mauritius included in your itinerary?
utrippin Where will you be April - Oct? I'm looking for some company in Southern and Eastern Africa...
Col freeman
Col freeman Hey mate, my names col. I'm looking to travel through Asia around the time you are. I would be pretty keen to team up, be good to travel with someone that likes to see all the smaller things on the journey, but who is also keen to party when it's permitted. I'm an Aussie so I'd join you from the start of the trip in europe then disembark when we arrive back in Australia. Have you got anything set in stone? My old man is Chinese so would really like to get to see a bit of china some time. Cheers mate, Col

illuzion How is it goin Col? Nice to hear from you. I dont have anything set in stone yet except that I'm gonna do this. I'm hoping to get going allmost immediately after graduation, but it depends much on others I'm hanging or traveling whit.
If our starting dates match we realy should consider doing some idea sharing at some point to find out if our plans are similiar (it sure as hell sounds so). And I'm very willing to go to china. In fact there wont be single country I wont wanna go.
Did you plan to visit Finland once in Europe? If we happen to team up I can assure you, You'd see the absolute best places in whole country as I've travelled like every square inch of the country :)
Well thats it. Keep your self up to date and if you wanna chat just message me on FB.

Looking forward to this - Ilari

2 years ago
Matt_R Hey Im in the defence force and my contract runs out on the 29th may next year! Anyway I was going to head to New Zealand shortly after then off to vietnam and that general region including thailand, then maybe to china and India Europe then north and south america. Thats the general plan anyway I want to take about a year off.
2 years ago
illuzion Hey Matt. Your plan seems great. But you seem to be heading west and atleast at the moment I'm thinking going eastwards tough it can be easily changed but in my experience theres more people going east wich would make doing that our selves more reasonable. Anyway, New Zealand as well as Thailand and South America will be playing big role in my trip so whether we decide to go same way or not it is highly probable that we'll be somewhere at the same time so lets keep in touch and message me if you want more details.
2 years ago
Jaxon I'm in Bali at the moment, spending xmas and NYs here, then off to the Phillipines on the 4th Jan. Let me know if you guys are near.
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